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I ride an EUC that can put down north of 15KW, and after getting used to it over the past year I could honestly use more power for riding ATV trails. I've pulled 16KW just hopping tree roots at low speed. But then again, it can do 50mph up a 25% grade fairly easily.

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For Democracy!


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It might be that I don't leave the PC on all the time, I just hit sleep. But still, it shouldn't strong arm me into updating after a day or two of the download. Also hate having to RegEdit Edge off the thing after each one.

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Win 11 Pro user here. It doesn't care what time you set for updates, it'll do them when it feels like anyway, or annoy the piss out of you with notifications.

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I used to prefer cotton and linen when I lived in the southwest, but now in the northeast its almost deadly. After the switchover to synthetics I realized how short the lifespan on natural fibers was. The Blaklader X1900 work pants I have use cotton ripstop as a base layer and it wouldn't last more than 9 months without disintegrating, while the nylon parts looked brand new. Same with t-shirts, they'd start falling apart after 6 months or less sometimes. Probably the humid environment though.

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Over 10k miles here, not a scratch. My brother though, he's biffed it at 45mph. Got back up and kept riding. These things are awesome

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Yes, you can use lalal.ai to separate the bassline, then feed that to another service like Guitar2Tabs on klang.io. Also, my bad, was busy and couldn't remember the name of the tab converter.

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There are a few websites that can separate stems. I use lalal.ai to get the bass line and then convert it to tabs using another service.

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Those use cases already exist to an extent with current products. I use google translate every day on the jobsite, google maps already provides step by step navigation, youtube videos guide me on car repair, smart sensors with phone and smartwatch alerts for almost anything you can imagine, rollable and thin film transparent displays for walls and windows. Its hard to see AR/VR overtaking existing technologies except for niche use cases. The tech is gonna have to advance well past 2030 projections to be both cheap and feasible for practical use. Batteries will need an order of magnitude higher energy density and microchips will need to pass the teraFLOP barrier while consuming less than a watt of power, all while fitting into a comfortable and unobtrusive form factor suited for long term daily use. I don't see that happening anytime in the next decade honestly.

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Try out the Radio Garden app. It lets you pick almost any radio station worldwide and lets you pick through them on a globe. I found a ton of my current favorite artists through it. A few of my coworkers from Venezuela were thrilled to be able to hear stations from their hometowns.

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Sunset Rollercoaster has been one of my favorites for years. I'm gonna check out some of these other bands. Thanks for the recommendations.

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Deca Joins is another good Taiwanese band. I recommend the Audiotree live session.

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