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Money is the Talisman of illusion that tricks the actual giving all real value for it"s essence of being the opposite...

Time (
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How do I change the time? I think I'm at your time or something and not mine. I can't read any of my times because I don't know what time its on. It wasn't tomorrow yet but everything was labelled yesterday last night. Now that I can see the time it's absurd and I have no idea what time it's under or how to set the time.


P.S. If some of that was difficult to read then you should understand my frustration then.


This song is my most vigorous sense of motivation I've ever gotten from music. I'm talking exponentially greater than anything I've ever felt from anything else and I don't mean to diminish that notions original existence prior to hearing this.

Jayant Bhadula does the metal voice in Hindu. Raoul Kerr does the Hip-Hop in English. You may then have to read the translations in these videos. The work on such was done well. Their words resonate well enough with me, that I went to see 'em live a couple times.

I also recommend Gaddaar and Machi Bhasad as THE voice of the revolution and the rest of what they made but I'll leave it at that since I'm pretty much already driveling.


Password IS correct. I can log in on my laptop and in Jerboa, which I am attempting to be rid of for its tortuous typing abuse programming.

I attempt to log in to voyager with the correct 80+ char password and it says its wrong. It is correct in the copy & pasting. I am on CalyxOS.

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