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That's about what I'm getting this year. Bad freeze this winter killed a bunch of my plants outright and set several back. Oh well, I get to plant more varieties now!

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Alright folks. Let's take a breather. Locking this post. I've had more reports on this post than we've ever had in the subs history.

Things can get heated, but remember we're all here for the love of gardening. Text can be misunderstood with the lack of nonverbal cues. Going forward let's give each other the benefit of the doubt.

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I guess I just have an ancient phone that can't display it. I see it on the photos that people posted with the contrast turned up...but can't see it at all on the original.

Trusty s10e finally showing its age...

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I don't see the hue in the screenshot

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Awesome experiment. Keep the updates coming.

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Yeah. Hand watering takes so so long. I'm really trying to reduce the amount of hand water required this year. I'm looking to do drip tubing and drip micro tubing, but still researching my options. I've been asking everyone I know. Most people use a bit of everything (hand watering, sprinklers, drip/soaker hose, etc.)

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What's your watering situation? You've posted so many lovely raised beds and potted plants all across your property. Are you using soaker hose everywhere or is it some type of drip tubing? I'm about to redo our water and just looking at options. Right now I'm leaning towards drip tubing...

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But "Threshold" won an emmy!

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Try adding a HDMI dummy plug. Older Intel NUC's (8th gen and earlier) have an issue that's fixed (but always seems to come back...) where they don't like functioning headlessly (without a display connected.)

Edit: Also, make sure your BIOS is uptodate.

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Looks pretty cool. I'll have to spin up a VM to give it a try.

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More content is (almost) always better. 😜

I think you're doing great encouraging engagement. Keep it up. Fire is a hard topic to drive engagement because it's so personal to everyone and everyone's lives are so different. Back to basic's could bring in people unfamiliar with fire.

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Agreed. This community has been more active lately and I love it! I just hope it means people aren't spending their time here instead of in their garden!!


This is a pretty great image of Sagittarius A

Foundation advice (
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Red is a concrete foundation. Black is rotting wood foundation that needs to be replaced.

Foundation issues suck. House has foundation issues. Most of the foundation will need to be replaced. Part of the house currently has a wood foundation which is rotting. There is an addition which has a concrete foundation. (See image above).

I know that the wood foundation can be replaced with a pier and post foundation. They can stabilize the house, dig and pour piers, then use metal posts to brace the house at the right height.

Is a pier and post foundation the only option? Is there a way to do a concrete foundation?

Edit: The image is a top down look at the perimeter of the house. The red part is a ~600 sqft addition. The black part is the main house.

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I can't get enough JWST images

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Saw this new community from the landing page as a trending community. Just wanted to drop in and say that I had the great opportunity to chat with these guys as a supplier. The relationship didn't work out in the end, but these guys are just so cool and dedicated to making awesome products.

I know that my next system will be a system76 system.

Keep up the great work guys!

couldn't help it (


couldn't help it (

I'm not usually one to repost/post memes...but its almost believable

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