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Does it work in the login screen?

Have you followed the instructions that can be found in the official support pages to install Plasma? Installing a different DE in Pop (or any other distro that comes with a DE preinstalled) isn’t so simple. You may want to test if the problem persists if you login with a brand new user, if not then it means that something in ~/.config is probably broken.

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Hi, there! Most people here probably use Pop!_OS so this isn’t required, but if you use System76 tools (like the scheduler and power daemons) on recent Gnome versions, then you may want to take a look at this fork.

I’ve made this because I use System76 tools with ArchLinux that has a newer Gnome version that isn’t supported by the stock Gnome extension. Maybe it’s useful to someone else.


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Yes, if Use System Theme is enabled and Use Dark Theme isn’t then the dividers are visible when the system uses light theme. But then they are barely visible when the system changes to dark theme. 🙃

I usually keep the manual theme set to dark because it’s my preferred theme that I want to use when I disable the option to use the system settings.

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Hello! Just wanted to say that it's even worse now on v0.2.1+11 when both automatic theme and use dark mode is enabled in Settings > Theming (for some reason the theme changes when the dark option is enabled).

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Of course that's why they had so many new accounts so fast! And that's why removing the Threads account also deletes your Instagram one! No way a bad app like that, missing the basic features (front what I've read in reviews), would have so many users so fast!

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Hello, there! I really like the overall feel of Thunder, and very excited to know that there's an iOS version as well (which I have not tried yet tho).

But I think some improvements can be made to the subscriptions list in general: when using either the compact or normal view, it's pretty much plain unless the post itself has an embedded image. And it is even somewhat hard to differentiate individual cards as there is only a (thin) line separating them and the link banner is very thick.

Just for comparison (and maybe inspiration), here is a gallery with screenshots for the same feed in Thunder and two other Lemmy clients:





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You may want to check your account settings, when you register you can select something like "Show NSFW content", there's a related option if you visit your account settings as well (at least on web).

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I have a device (convertible) that only supports S2idle and it works just fine with Ubuntu 23.04 if I configure properly its webcam, so I'd say it's more a problem of if all hardware is supported than if the kernel supports it.

You may want to check if your device has any problems going to this website and searching for your actual model:


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Maybe not too late, but System76 has a tool for OLED displays, I'm not sure it works with all displays but probably it worths a try:


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I have limited experience with GPu pass through, but from what I've learned when I tried to do it with limited success (because of hardware limitations):

  1. That reddish post is two years old, it's ages ago regarding VFIO or GPU pass throug, look for for modern tutorials, preferably for the same hardware (GPU) or distro;
  2. There's no single way or "standard" of doing things, but if you mix parts of tutorials it may not work in the end, try to understand what's done and apply to your setup;
  3. Regarding hooks, test them with simple commands with some output first, so you can verify they are working as it should first, and try the VFIO related commands manually too so you are sure they do what you want;
  4. From what I've seen, if the hardware supports VFIO/pass through then it will work usually after a few tries, if it doesn't then there's a big change you have some hardware limitation, many times related to a bad or broken BIOS/firmware.

Good luck!

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Hello, there. I don't think it is possible anymore using the stock installation/configuration (IIRIC old versions of Gnome did have a "session saving" option). If you use multiple workspaces, this extension is maintained by the official Gnome team, so it should still work for newer Gnome versions: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/16/auto-move-windows/. If you don't, take a look at Material Shell, it may do what you want.