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It's the second Las Vegas casino group to be attacked this week.

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[-] MisterMcBolt 47 points 9 months ago

It warms my heart just a little to see crooks robbing crooks.

[-] [email protected] 21 points 9 months ago

I hope it was a plucky group of teens who were sticking it to the man and they're gonna use that money to save a rec center or something

[-] [email protected] 13 points 9 months ago

Paying the ransom is the stupidest thing you can do when you’re hit with an attack.


  • Emboldens the attacker to keep attacking you because now they know you’ll pay them
  • Funds the attacker’s future attacks
  • No guarantee they’ll actually stop or recover your data
  • No guarantee they’ve actually left your environment without a complete rebuild.

A better use of ransom money would be to invest in a decent cybersecurity infrastructure to prevent this from happening in the first place, and to keep offsite backups.

**Never trust your attacker. **

[-] [email protected] 11 points 9 months ago

What's to stop them from just selling it on the Dark Web anyway?

[-] [email protected] 17 points 9 months ago

Reputation for the next hack.

[-] HollandJim 4 points 9 months ago

Considering who “deze guyz” are that they’re stealing from, the next hack could include two in the cap!

[-] [email protected] 9 points 9 months ago

Oh no! Anyways.

I have no sympathy for those that make money from exploiting gamblers.

[-] ZephyrXero 7 points 9 months ago

A post about hacking from a user named ZeroCool. Yep, checks out. Heh

[-] Winged_Hussar 2 points 9 months ago
[-] [email protected] 4 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

Going after Vegas Casinos is funny but probably a bad idea for your long term health. Those kinds of people get pretty grumpy when you steal from them.

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