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The number of apprehensions in March 2024 is the highest in the sector's nearly 100-year history, chief says

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The National Post is a right leaning publication, and this article uses quotes from a Republican appearing on Fox News to provide context for figures sourced from the Daily Mail, which is owned by immigrant hating Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News.

The article also mentions some lawyer telling Voice of America something, but the source link only takes you to Voice of America's website, not to any specific article. It's possible this was done intentionally to hide when that event occurred, because VOA was a mouthpiece for the Trump presidency when he was in office after installing loyal right wing followers in leading positions.


Look under 'Controversies'

I think it's safe to say this article is attempting to send a certain message, and is clearly biased, so bear that in mind, dear reader.

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