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Lemmy’s mod tools have gained notoriety for their limited functionality, and unfortunately, mods often miss out on timely notifications about user reports. To address this issue, we’re seeking additional vigilant eyes to ensure that reports are promptly handled.

What We’re Seeking:

  • Engaged Community Members: We’re looking for individuals actively involved in the Lemmy platform and its community.
  • Dedicated Moderators: People willing to proactively check lemmy.world in their browser for mod reports multiple times a day.
  • Respectful and Positive Contributors: We value individuals who treat others with kindness and have a history of positive posts and comments within the community. If you are frequently downvoted or reported upon, your application won’t be considered.
  • Adherence to Community Rules: Moderators should enforce rules based on both the community guidelines and the .world server rules outlined here.

Bonus Points:

If you’re located in Europe, Asia, Australia, or similar time zones, that’s a plus! We need moderators who can keep an eye on things while our American counterparts are catching some Z’s.

DM me if you're interested!

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Good luck on finding new mod. lemmy.world might be big but it also have a lot of community that's since been abandoned.

Am from Malaysia(timezone gmt+8), I may be able to help if you need someone to remove clear cut violation(like CSAM or ads spam), but i don't think i can help with enforcing the instance rule.

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