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Or everyone is starting to figure out that the garden looks just as good outside the fence as it does inside the fence. Technology has been converging for many years now to the point where most devices especially smart phones have reached a bottleneck and no one can make things go any faster and there is really no big need for even more massive storage space for the average person. So phones have hit a ceiling and the place that Apple once had where they were one of the few manufacturers that made good phones is now overshadowed by lots of other companies that are comparable or near comparable. Does the average person really care if they have a high definition 20MP camera or a 22 MP camera. All they care about is being able to scroll through Tik Tok, FB or Instagram and no one really seems to care what device they use to do that any more.

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Next tech is probably going to be dedicated GPUs or similar to run personalized AI

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It's already here. I run AI models via my GPU with training data from various sources for both searching/GPT-like chat and images. You can basically point-and-click and do this with GPT4All which integrates a chat client and let's you just select some popular AI models without knowing how to really do anything or use the CLI. It basically gives you a ChatGPT experience offline using your GPU if it has enough VRAM or CPU if it doesn't for whatever particular model you're using. It doesn't do images I don't think but there are other projects out there that simplify doing it using your own stuff.

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I was meaning for mobile tech, running your own personal AI on your phone.

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Right now the closest we have to that is running ampere clusters. I'm saying that because it is going to be some years before any phone GPU/CPU is going to be able to effectively run a decent AI model. I don't doubt there will be some sort of marketing for 'boosting' AI via your phone CPU/GPU but it isn't going to do much more than be a marketing ploy.

It is far more likely that it will still continue to be offloaded to the cloud. There is going to be much more market motivation to continue to put your data on the cloud instead of off of it.

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