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In Louisiana ... in July ... with no air conditioning

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... the Bartender Moe response

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With adjusted volume to make it louder for the listener

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Jim's abortion clinic ... We deletus your fetus

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Why didn't you see?

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Humanity is given a choice

  1. Be ruled by Jellico

  2. Be assimilated by the Borg

I choose the Borg

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And the idea that you could accidently transfer malware if you didn't do it carefully is the icing on the cake.

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It's the last thing I saw

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As a reference, O'Brien at zero is the equivalent of an 11/10 on the average human pain scale of ten.

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The audio for 24th century Riker PornHub was taken from 24th century Riker HornPub

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This is one of best commentaries I've heard recently about indigenous fraud. I've stopped referring to it as "Pretendians" because this isn't a cute joke, this is serious fraud and can sometimes add up to tens, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars worth of lifelong fraud.

At first I watched this woman's video as a laugh because I watch lots of indigenous video blogs. At first I thought she was messing around but soon realized she was completely serious ..... as she was doing her hair and makeup.

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Is it possible to just upload MP4 to Lemmy? As long as file sizes are kept to a minimum small size.

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Yet another video test using a GIF from a Pixelfed server at pxlmo.com

Let me know if this works any better or worse

and also, Happy Vulcan Day .... lol

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Another video test to see how well this one works ... this time a MP4 coming from a Pixelfed server at pxlmo.com

I hope it works

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attempting to find out how and where I can post short video content and how it appears and works on Lemmy and the general Fediverse

for your info - this was posted via the Lemmy webclient on Firefox running Linux (Ubuntu) in Canada ... and the video is being posted and hosted on a Pixelfed server on pxlmo.com

if you have a moment let me know if this works or doesn't work or looks or acts strange depending on what service, app or set up you have


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I just finished watching this German produced Netflix film and it was completely awful. If you are looking forward to this film, go watch it first if you want and skip my little review below.

spoilerIf you don't care and want to just take my word for it ... it is a waste of four one hour episodes, a total of four hours of content.

Everything inside the film and its marketing is an AI like production with all the sci-fi alien contact cliches and movie tropes from the past 20 years. A mysterious woman in space having an epiphany, hearing voices; a father with his daughter, a daughter with a disability, a father with a truckers hat, construction worker garb running in a cornfield, mysterious no-name SWAT team/soldiers, a nuclear explosion, helicopters, jet fighters, astronauts, the ISS, scientists, the desert, cityscapes, car crashes, car chase, secret agents, a plane crash, .... input all this into an AI program and ask it for a script and you'll end up with 'The Signal'

There is so little soul, sense or common logic in the film that to me it has all the hallmarks of a script and writing that was all generated by AI tools. If you look at the writers who put this together it is a group of four young writers with almost no prior experience in major film, yet they were handed the keys to a multi-million dollar production.

I like watching new films and I regularly take my chances at watching something new and different. This one was interesting but the more I watched it, the more I became suspicious that it was either written by a terrible dyslectic writer with little life experience ... or it was mashed together with an AI text generator.

One of the biggest giveaways that it most likely was an AI generated script was the corny voice over wrap up at the end of the film. I felt like I had just watched a four hour version of those Youtube auto generated AI fake film previews that are popular right now.

Special DS9 NSFW Memes (files.catbox.moe)
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Don't worry .... it's not what you think it is ... I'm just getting into posting video content because I think it's fun.

Turning Off Incognito Mode (files.catbox.moe)
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