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Birthrate continues to fall as young people increasingly reluctant to have children due to bleak job prospects, cost of living and work culture

The number of babies born in Japan last year fell for an eighth straight year to a new low, government data has shown, and a top official says it is critical for the country to reverse the trend in the coming half-dozen years.

The 758,631 babies born in Japan in 2023 were a 5.1% decline from the previous year, according to the Health and Welfare Ministry on Tuesday. It was the lowest number of births since Japan started compiling the statistics in 1899.

The number of marriages fell by 5.9% to 489,281 couples, falling below a half million for the first time in 90 years – one of the key reasons for the declining births. Out-of-wedlock births are rare in Japan because of family values based on a paternalistic tradition.

Surveys show that many younger Japanese balk at marrying or having families, discouraged by bleak job prospects, the high cost of living that rises at a faster pace than salaries and corporate cultures that are not compatible with having both parents work. Crying babies and children playing outside are increasingly considered a nuisance, and many young parents say they often feel isolated.

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[-] Nudding 16 points 1 month ago

What intelligent pair of humans would have a child with the climate apocalypse looming on the horizon?

[-] [email protected] 13 points 1 month ago

Even without that, kids are expensive, housing is expensive, and women are expected to pull double duty working and caring for the kids. And then your kid gets to go to cram school and end up in the same work-sleep-repeat hell that you've been in your whole life.

Even without climate change I don't know why anyone would have kids.

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