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I'm reporting posts promoting spousal abuse and animal abuse, and yet they stay up.

I'm not sure how reporting works here - do lemmy world moderators ever see them? If not, how do I report the community for inadequate moderation?

Thank you!

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[-] MrKaplan 1 points 1 month ago

Hello @[email protected],

the reports are being sent to

  1. the reporter's instance (Lemmy.World) in your case, where they can be seen by instance admins and also community mods if there are any on this instance
  2. the community's instance, where they can be seen by instance admins of the community's instance, as well as by all community mods that belong to the same instance
  3. starting with 0.19.2, reports will also be sent to the content creator's instance, meaning the person who created the post/comment.
    Lemmy.World is not yet on 0.19, so this will not happen today, but it will start being the case when we update in a few days.

Coming back to your reports, I've taken a look at your reports of posts and I can only see 2 reports there, neither one relating to content containing spousal or animal abuse.

To answer your question about reporting options for communities, there is currently no native functionality in lemmy for reporting communities. Only posts, comments and private messages can be reported.
Having said this, many instances provide contact information in the sidebar. For Lemmy.World, you can find this e.g. on https://lemmy.world/.

We absolutely do not tolerate content promoting violence. See also our terms of service about this.
If you see any such content still up at this time and accessible through Lemmy.World, please do not hesitate to report this to us, either via report, or by sending an email to [email protected] if you want to report this privately.
You can also send me a private message with more details.

[-] wellee 2 points 1 month ago

Interesting, I've definitely submitted more than 2 reports. Hmm, I'm going to guess the app I'm using is the issue. Good to know reports always go to the instance, thank you!

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