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Holy shit can confirm. Am also fighting off some burnout or depression or both?

Get called out for being slow, yet their "fast" development time seems to be related to the projects we have to keep revisiting as they keep failing publicly 🤔

Like yea it needs to be delivered, but do we really want to be so careless with employee and customer trust? Also, wouldn't there be value in keeping things structured well enough to be consistent with our delivery times?

I get that it can be polished later but later never seems to come. The tech debt just keeps stacking and I find myself being the only one scraping up the turds.

I feel like I'm being gaslighted sometimes...

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not at all. it's used for configuration and stuff. having a lot of it can be a real bummer depending on the context. like a puppet config or perhaps a super weird docker compose setup. I've never heard anyone complain about the markup though. it's like blaming json for a crap api or something or idk blaming the coffee cup for burnt coffee 🤷

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Wow that's... exact.

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Mannnn. Outer Wilds is so freaking good. I had put it off for a while, but then last year I decided to go through it. It managed to be the perfect game at the perfect time. Raw intrigue and fascination turned into somehow helping me cope with the loss of my sister and dad who I had lost very recently at the time.

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I guess it would be doable by trying to write a bunch of wrappers around engine specific stuff, but holy shit development would be... ugh. Slow and ultimately a confusing mess to maintain still

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God. Him face planting into a rock in the background utterly slayed me 🤣

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Huh... now that you mention it, I guess that's what people like Bob Martin and mpj (along many others of course) might classify as. Would any guru fall under this category?

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I get the productivity shame as well. Like if I mention a game I play, then someone is piping up with a fence they fixed or something etc etc.

It seems like you're getting your femininity attacked as well which seems so strange. I just thought we would've learned by now. Like in our generation (looks like we started at the same time) I was teased (to say the least) a lot for my "nerdy" interests but now it's like most of it is vogue. It's dumb that we would repeat that with a specific gender.

I don't know if it's of any use but the majority of my lady friends game. Thru mostly also tend to be quiet about it unless nudged. That is to say that you're not weird, just awesome.

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Wow I'm a little surprised it's grown so much so fast.

I guess anecdotally it's not terribly surprising? 30s. Busy af. However my gf has been straight dragging me through Terraria, Cosmoteer, and seems like Battle Bit soon. She had a lot more flexibility with her schedule so I'm just trying to keep up.

Weird but awesome

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In s hobbyist at best so take my opinion with a giant grain of salt like margarita rim class.

I learned some Unity in college and grew quite fond of it.

My favorite part has been how richly populated the asset store is to get off the ground quickly.

I guess it's more that Humble Bundle constantly has sweet deals on collections of assets. However, Godot supports Unity packages and Unreal assets have been showing on Humble Bundle more and more the last couple of years.

Godot has been gaining traction unbelievably fast. I don't know it's flow very well but I hope it's for good reason beyond just being open source.

Also for strictly tiny 2D games I recommend Pico 8. I find that constraint leads for a fun time in trying to solve your idea in a relatively minimal environment. Games export as png files which makes sharing dumb jokes with your friends a breeze.

I suppose this answer is incomplete but hopefully some weight to help you choose a direction. It's all gains from here :)


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