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Any website where I can make such random slutty passwords?

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Where did you get to know this? I want to read about it

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Same boat, almost done with the first book in Mistborn trilogy and I know it's gonna get even better.

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Remove ads at Rs. 200. Almost 2.5 USD

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I feel lost at such times and couldn't focus on what someone else is saying like in lectures

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I feel addicted to porn and games as well. I feel weird when I'm not getting either one of these for a long time and I don't see any way to get out of this. But I guess games addiction is still not that damaging to my mental health unlike porn where I start to fantasize intensely even if I get slightly distracted with such feelings. Then I try to make an elaborate scene in my mind with all sorts to kinks or fetishes that I like until I get enough dopamine out of it.

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Please put an NSFW tag !?

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