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It been brought by Black & Decker, no ?

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For what I seen too, the UI is quite stretched. Like Bethesda didn't thought about it. But not really their fault, it's not like this update was announced a couple of years ago...

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Op should DMCA their screenshot and sends a DMCA notice to the web hosting service. Problem solved then.

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The seagull has an insurance to sell.

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I made a nightmare after watching this short.

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Well, he is Duncan Idaho and an upgraded version. Read the God emperor of Dune for more information

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Which contains 90% of what you search. Then just press backspace, and you reach the appdata folder.

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Better to be asleep than woke. I have a dream, someone said.


The billionaire had last year tried to back out of his $44 billion offer to buy what was then Twitter, but financed the deal by borrowing $13 billion from a consortium of banks. (...)

Musk may be looking to reduce those payments by ensuring X isn't worth very much, Bloomberg commentator Matt Levine posited in January.


Hello. Right now there is two way to turn on/off the gyroscope. By placing your thumb, over the right joystick, or the trackpad.

Is there a way to turn off the right joystick trigger for the gyroscope and only keep the right trackpad ? It is a bit ammoying when you play to chaiki4deck and suddenly the camera moves because you moved your deck as you had your thumb on the right joystick. Yes I could keep away my thumb. But that's my decades thumb resting position....



I opened it, but will launch it a bit later. What should I do/know ? I got a protetctive glass from Jseaux too.

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