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Birch! After oak my favorite wood. Good pick.

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Just to have it emphasized.

Unions work. Labour organization is effective.


A fun band. Lots of skin, lots of sexy bodies. And then there is "the Voice of the Gods" whose magnificence overshadows all. On the vocal side the band is well wrought and the three vocalists plays off eachother almost like a classic boy band from the late 90's.


While I do love Eluveite I cannot listen to them for longer periods of time. Just so full of everything and then some. It gets discordant tiring. Still good in a mix.


Let's stretch my theme for the evening. Just a duo between the chaotic maniacs of Alestorm and Patty Gurdy. Well produced and everything fits well together. Very good drinking music.


Ahhhh Alissa White-Gluz, in my opinion the queen of the harsh melodic death metal. Growls but the higher pitches does come through. Can listen to Arch Enemy for long periods without getting fatigued, that does say something.


Let's take the vocals a bit harsher. Still clear by metal standards but I find Noora Louhimo's vocal more in line with the rest. Much less of a contrast compared to (for example) Nightwish.


Nightwish featuring Tarja. It is nice to listen to the "peak" of their vocalists. Her voice does fit the band's sound. It is all about the contrasts. And you can hear her (by then) classical training.

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Old Nightwish. According to Spotify their most played track.

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Got a thudbuster on my gravel. It feels like it helps to keep the rougher road under control. On any other bike I wouldn't bother.

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Numbers pulled out of my arse for illustration

Say of the whole population GenZ is 25% and GenY is also 25% (for convenience). If then 28% of GenZ identify as LGBTQ+ that would be 28%*.25= 7% (25% of 28%, or 1/4 of 28%). For GenZ maths would be 16%*0.25=4%. So these two groups would in total contribute that 11% of the total population is LGBTQ+.

Hopefully that makes sense.

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When you want into nordics... Or nordics into you

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Produktiviteten kommer när arbetaren mår bra. En glad arbetare är en bra arbetare.

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That looks like a...

You know...

The thing...

A vulva.

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I see two cleaned out threads. Must have been nasty in there.

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Was a while since last but...

  • balance is a fickle mistress best ignored. With npc advantages/disadvantages you can easily on the fly adjust pressure.

-when in doubt throw grenades even if the npc is bad at it. Let the grenade destroy environment

  • not just invite the players to get involved with resolving adv/disadv, drag them kicking and screaming into it. Including for the npcs

  • spend your destiny points. Do it. Do it often

  • keep the splat books to a minimum if someone wants to create their own character

  • there will be narrative chaos. Don't fight it, embrace it. Spending destiny points to steer them back on track feels less railroady than just doing it.

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I prefer Oatley's Barista edition. Has a creamy and a bit nutty flavour that goes great in coffee and (strong black) tea.

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Depends on what you want out of it, the level if automation etc.

Installing a system ruleset, adding a few modules and other things on that level is easy. If you can use an app store you are set. Writing custom things I have no clue about.

Finally using it. I've found it smoother than roll20 and fantasy grounds. Just not having to deal with roll20's technical baggare is truly awesome.

In the end my impression is that on a technical level it is much easier to handle. Less figuring out how not to have the platform work against you and actually work with it.

You, depending on your ISP, may have troubles self hosting. There is the biggest technical hurdle.

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Hades was such a looser and couldn't get a wife of his own so he went to Zeus (his brother and Persephone's father) and asked for Persephone's hand. He granted it knowing that neither Persephone nor Demeter would approve of it. Patriarchs be patriarchin'. So Hades lured upon Persephone and snatched her when he found her alone. Not cool.


Camping season is on and that means hauling half a kg of sourdough on the trail. Just to make some flatbreads.


About 80% hydration

One part rye flour

Three parts whole wheat flour

Sourdough starter (you know yours best)


Mix and put into container. At fire work dough into golfball sized balls, let balls rest snd then flatten them. I prefer the thumbing method. Once coals are hotHotHOT put discs on gridddle and bake. Time depends on how how your coals are. I go by feel.


How it tasted? Smokin!


It will. I am sure of it.

Hiking and camping season started for me today. Walked part of Skåneleden (Scania trail network, southern Sweden). Part of the trail along the creek in bad condition, had to climb over and under hallen trees and bushes. All while on loose footing with the creek below. Got to the campsite and got it all for myself. Nice!

As for firewood I would have had to notify the trail managers to have some ready for me. Counted on there being some already but no luck. So out into the woods and gather up deadwood.

Now darkness have fallen. It is half past eight. Time to burn!


When sportsball meets metal.

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