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I’m curious what the guidelines would be as a preparation for the potential of a new category. Like leave the area? I know changing how we do things now on a global scale should help, but in case and due to cynicism, it might not help. But what should people do for the seemingly inevitable storms?

The Cryptid Iceberg PT 3 (www.youtube.com)
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This is the correct answer. More folks that subscribe here are the ones who interact and upvote the political ones.

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Hey Folks, I've been in college for six years now and have dropped classes left and right. I had been consistent in the beginning and, of course, Covid had caused a bit of problems with consistency. Since that time, my grades slipped. I've dropped classes as well. I should have graduated two years ago however i've been working to survive since. I've got roughly 40k in student loan debt. each time I try and take classes again, I manage to for about two weeks and then after i have some random event in life come in and just ruin my motivation. (death, sickness, major change in lifestyle, etc.). I've been working in a career that was based upon my major and it is a decently comfortable and consistent job (IT), with some stress just due to the human interaction, however I do have issues with debt (working well to get out of but won't be completely out of non-student loan debt until 2025). I'd consider going back in about six or seven years depending on how life treats me, but is it worth cutting my losses, start paying back student loans, and focus on my job? If I do manage to take classes, i'll have about two years worth of classes to bust through but I'm not sure if I can push that much effort back out.

The Cryptid Iceberg Pt.2 (www.youtube.com)
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oDDling - Aurora (www.youtube.com)
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One of my favorites

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Mystery flesh pit is goat'd. I always show this to people to introduce them

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Bad practices to their workers. Poor treatment. See here for the backlash since it's been awhile herman Miller news

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Herman Millers are Goated, though i will say their business practices are not the best anymore unfortunately. Though second hand, always go for it.

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It's my wild turkey 101. That is my dangerous drink that I know if I am going to drink it, i'm going to be fucking up really bad.

oops (lemmy.world)
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You know what Reddit is, right? It’s a website where you can join different groups about things you like, such as animals, games, or books. You can also post links or messages in those groups, and other people can vote and comment on them. Lemmy is a lot like Reddit, but it has some differences. One difference is that Lemmy is not run by one big company, but by many small servers that anyone can set up. These servers are like little islands that can talk to each other. Another difference is that Lemmy is more respectful of your privacy and freedom. It does not track you or show you ads. It also lets you choose what kind of content you want to see, and does not censor or ban you for having different opinions. Lemmy is a new and growing website that wants to be a better alternative to Reddit. You can also make new friends and have fun discussions with them.

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I left due to the issues with using Apollo. i was a major fan of the app and knowing it will be going dark soon for use, I think it was time for me to leave. Plus I've noticed since cutting reddit out of my daily routine it has significantly improved my mental health.

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A cheap chair, a very used chair, or even a slighly used chair is too big a gamble. It is either go all in on a very good chair for long term expectations, or expect to have a soon battle with back pains.

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Me in my office

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Wow, I almost forgot these existed. They are neat little things. I recall seeing the Unbox Therapy video for this almost a decade ago and thinking it was one of the coolest computers out there.

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Divorced dad rock!

jk of course, Avenged is a name i've not heard in a looooong time. Not since Nightmare came out. Those were the days!

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Wendigoon! Join for some memes of dad, great cryptic talks (hopefully soon) and just general fun.

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