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As a M$ Windows user for years, I can tell you there's little to no incentive in Linux development. That's why M$ Windows is so much better than Linux, they give incentives / rebates to hardware manufacturers if they can sell pre-installed Windows PCs/Laptops. So they are willing to build device drivers to support Windows.

I don't get it why you have to blame Samba devs? SMB protocol was built by M$. It's not easy to build something like Samba, at least they need to analyze how the SMB protocol works. If you want a better compatibility for sharing data with SMB you should use M$ Windows.

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If you need offline version of the sites you can save them with SingleFileZ

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because today's computer are so incredibly weak they can't handle a few megabytes of text anymore.

I mean, sites today are more richer compared to earlier 2000s. We have css, more complex js scripts, embedded fonts, embedded videos etc. I'm sure you understand that it takes more than a few megabytes of RAM.

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Adobe is an evil company that will do whatever it takes to F its users,” one employee wrote, echoing sentiments

Microsoft : first time?

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I guess someone here said that Snowden is behind the times and his comments are not relevant? And try to downplaying something bigger that Snowden might suggest.

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KDE Connect or LocalSend, you can even use tethering from Android without a wireless router.

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Just use KDEConnect or LocalSend, it's not safe to use RDP to share files.

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Cisco operates from the ISP side, they'll poison DNS through their routers. And you should be aware that your ISP will employ Deep Packet Inspection which can also be done with Cisco routers. That means they can intercept internet traffic, especially if your internet connection is not encrypted.

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There is de-peering issues that might affect us when accessing mander.

I've also noticed this over the past few months, some times I couldn't access mander or it took a few minutes to load.

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There's another overlooked issues regarding the slow federation. And I just found out a few days ago, there's de-peering drama since mid February that caused a huge of delays from APAC to Europe.

Around that time until now, I had trouble accessing some sites, like I couldn't access some github projects, f-droid repos also failed, and also some websites. I've tried cloudflare warp, it didn't help either.

And if I'm not mistaken our admin has a solution to this issue a while ago, you may ask Dave.

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Mander is not the only instance having this issue. Other instances like (it was), reddthat also, have similar issue since months ago. I assume the culprit is cogent's de-peering drama not from lemmy itself.

And those lemmy instances are hosted in APAC.

Also you can check federation issue with this

And if I'm not mistaken our admin has solution regarding the issue a while ago, you may ask Dave.

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