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that's because "conservatism" and racism are all about fear

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she's pretty cute, she should do movies and stuff

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think whatever the fuck you like, my little Thinker

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ignorant fucking fascists

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tires were a lot less reliable than they are now, and i mean to the point that you really needed to be ready to change a flat every time you drove your car.. they didn't fail all the time, but they failed at a much higher rate and when they did it was usually catastrophic.. modern tires tend to deal with punctures and failure in general a lot better than the inner tube tires used prior to the 80s.. and obviously nobody had a cell phone to call for help..

so you kept work gloves in there for changing a flat tire

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you're obviously a troll.. there haven't been any "warnings", you troll.. the Ukrainians are free to bomb the Kremlin..

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they are shoveling Russian propaganda for some reason, like a lot of people do either knowingly or not

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this is a fake story, there haven't been any "warnings".. it's pure propaganda being shoveled by the Russians..

Kissinger? (kbin.social)
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i wasn't even talking to her

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political radicals are neither political, nor radical, rather they are always corrupt narcissists.. discuss..


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if you voted for Trump, you go out of your way to prove what an ignorant asshole you are, all day long, every day


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Russian President Vladimir Putin does not plan to attend the funeral of former Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, who died in a plane crash last week after leading a short-lived rebellion…

Prigozhin was buried by friends in St. Petersburg, where Putin is not welcome perhaps.. his grave is probably going to be a holy site for a lot of angry young Russians..

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