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No Google, that is not your core mission. Your core mission is letting us search the web, and you're intentionally shitting the bed

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I interpret it as a grieving father turning an accident into a heroic choice made by his son

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I hear "the doctors will give up on me more easily" if they even have an argument they can put into words. Which seems ridiculous to me - if they even bother to check, it seems like they'd be more willing to put time and effort into keeping your body intact, giving you a better chance to bounce back despite long odds

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John Oliver has an interesting episode about what else that can mean in America

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If you're going for a fuck you, teleport a Dr. Pepper into your head. You'd leave a big, terrifying mess to anyone who came across the scene

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Can we please not?

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The ultimate conspiracy theory... The CIA is manufacturing conspiracy theories so that their actual, admitted, documented conspiracies are dismissed reflexively for sounding insane

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Compared to full paralysis? I think a lot of people would still want it

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All I knew until today was you apply headon directly to your forehead. Why would you do so? If I had to guess, I would've said for headaches, but that's completely an assumption

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Don't forget the food... And the water, and the water used to grow the food, etc. Creating a clean generation of even mice would be pretty difficult, it's just everywhere, including most of the tools we'd use to make a cleanroom

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Reading this almost felt like being given permission. I've had a project in the back of my mind for the past year, but it's kinda pointless and would probably be controversial. For all I talk about software being fundamentally a creative process, I've never really considered treating it like art

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Between wanting to do more with local LLMs, wsl annoyances, and the direction tech companies have been going lately, I think it's time I start exploring a full Linux migration

I'm a software dev, I'm comfortable in the command line, and I used to write the node configuration piece of something similar to chef (flavor/version agnostic setup of cloud environments)

So for me, Linux has always been a "modify the script and rebuild fresh" kind of deal... Even my dev VMs involved a lot of scripts and snapshots. I don't enjoy configuration and I really hate debugging it, but I can muddle through when I have to

Web searches have pushed me towards Ubuntu for LLM work, but I've never been a big fan of the window Managers. I like little flourishes like animation and lots of options I can set graphically, I use multiple desktop multiple monitors

I've tried the one it comes standard with, gnome, and kde (although it's been about 5 years since I've last given them a real shot).

I'm mostly looking for the most reasonable footprint that is "good enough", something that feels polished to at least the Windows XP level - subtle animations instead of instant popups, rounded borders, maybe a bit of transparency here and there.

I'm looking at Ubuntu w/

  • kde w/ plasma (I understand it's very configurable, I don't love the look and it seems to be a bigger footprint

  • budgie (looks nice, never heard of it before today)

  • kylin (looks very Windows 10 which is nice, a bit skeptical about the Chinese focus)

  • mate (I like the look, but it seems a bit dubiously centralized)

  • unity (looks like the standard Ubuntu taken to it's natural conclusion)

  • rhino Linux (something new which makes me skeptical, but pretty and seems more like existing tools packaged together which makes me think the issues might not impact actual workflow)

  • anything the community is big on for this, personally I'd pick opensuze, but I need to maximize compatibility with bleeding edge LLM projects

My hardware and hard requirements are:

  • nvidia 1060ti
  • ryzen 5500u
  • 16g ram
  • 4 drives nearly full, because it's a computer of Theseus running the same (upgraded) vista license that came with the case like 15 years ago
  • multi desktop, multi monitor
  • can handle a lot of browser Windows/tabs
  • ideally the setup is just a package mana ger install script with all my dependencies
  • gaming support would be nice, but I'll be dual booting for VR anyways

I've been out of the game for a while, I'd love to hear what the feeling is in the community these days

(Side note, is pine as cool a company as it seems?)

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