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What could possibility go wrong?? :)

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Even simpler! Nothing to get between you and the kernel. :)

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I'm guessing you're running either the nvidia open source drivers (way worse performance) or you don't have graphics switching configured and it's using your GPU's iGPU (way way worse performance).

Bigger distros like Mint will probably configure that for you.

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Nah, use Gentoo, you'll be hard-pressed to find something simpler.

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True. It's also good for people who want to get stuff done. I used it for 5-ish years, and it was an incredibly productive, low-maintenance distro. I only switched because I wanted to run brtfs on root, so I figured I'd give openSUSE a shot since they do that by default.

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So I guess musl/busybox/Linux?

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There will always be something to trigger a market correction. Fintech is a good guess since they have kind of followed the wave of tech hype, but I highly doubt it'll trigger anything more than a modest market correction in the finance sector.

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And yet, if someone asks, I will link it. I'm not proud of it, but I am helpful to a fault.

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Ok, but what if there isn't any GNU? Musl/Linux?

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Eh, it's just fintech nonsense. As long as you don't use sketchy banking-esque products, you should be fine.

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Yeah, everything kinda bad Firefox does, everything else seems to do worse. So I'm staying with it until that changes.

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Same, but the author claims it's okay-ish now, so I guess they exist?


This interview mostly goes over social policy, so I hope there's a follow-up with fiscal policy as well.

Here's an AI-generated transcript, which has some mistakes but hopefully is helpful. I tried copying it here, but it was too long.

Some interesting tidbits I liked:

  • Liz challenged Chase on gender affirming care - his response was "no to surgery before 18, yes to medication if parents and doctors agree"
  • open borders - wants an "Ellis Island"-style system where you register and then get to work, while still maintaining a strong police presence to keep out criminals
  • courting those on the right of the LP - wants to work together on common causes, but will disagree on social issues
  • vaccine mandates - no mandates from the government, but private businesses absolutely can; he thinks businesses requiring masks/vaccines is stupid because it limits customers

The whole discussion was pretty interesting, and I think it's interesting that Liz Wolfe came out as more conservative than Zach (apparently, Zach rarely discusses personal opinions).

So far I'm pretty happy with Chase as the candidate because:

  • he's pretty well-spoken - reminds me a bit of Gary Johnson with less "aloof"-ness
  • he appears confident and seems to do a good job justifying his positions on core libertarian principles
  • very different from both Trump and Biden, so he should contrast well
  • going after young voters - he's young, and he's highlighting issues that young people seem to care about, so I'm hopeful that'll resonate with young voters

I certainly disagree with him on some issues, but I think he'll be a good voice for the party. I would like to see more discussion on economic policy though.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Are you excited for a Chase Oliver campaign, or do you think the Libertarian Party should have made a different choice?


This is exciting for me because:

  • I model ny taxes in my spreadsheet anyway, so I'm likely to notice a mistake
  • I usually use FreeTaxUSA to file for free, and this means there's one less party to share my personal information with
  • my state's taxes are pretty simple, so I don't need state-specific tax software

I hope this helps simplify things for some people and save a bit of money as well. I'm going to try it out next year.

Do any of you estimate your taxes? Are you interested in trying out this service?


Looks like most of the improvements have nothing to do with GNOME, so they should also probably impact Kalpa (the KDE MicroOS distro).

I'm particularly interested in these developments because I'm going to upgrade the CPU on my NAS (old Phenom II -> Ryzen 1700), and I'm considering reinstalling w/ MicroOS. It's currently running on an old SATA SSD, but NVMe drives are getting so cheap that it's probably worth an upgrade.


Oliver's victory on Sunday night was a blow to the Mises Caucus, the right-leaning faction that took control of the Libertarian Party at the 2022 convention and that had orchestrated Trump's appearance at the convention. That faction's preferred candidate was Rectenwald.

I'm not a fan of the Mises Caucus, so I think this is hilarious.

There was widespread media attention in recent weeks fixated on whether the Libertarian Party would nominate a prominent non-Libertarian like Kennedy or even Trump.

Neither got anywhere close to winning. Kennedy was eliminated after the first round of balloting, while Trump did not even qualify for the first round and received just six write-in votes.

Good on you LP.

Now, I know next to nothing about Chase Oliver, but being gay and young will certainly set him apart from the old men he's competing against. I hope he'll get a good amount of media attention to spread the libertarian message.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Did the convention make the right call? Would one of the other candidates have been better? Would you prefer no candidate?


From the website:

OpenVINO is an open-source toolkit for optimizing and deploying deep learning models from cloud to edge. It accelerates deep learning inference across various use cases, such as generative AI, video, audio, and language with models from popular frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, ONNX, and more. Convert and optimize models, and deploy across a mix of Intel® hardware and environments, on-premises and on-device, in the browser or in the cloud.


Here are just the number for all of you degenerates who just want some milestones for your spreadsheets.

Average total retirement savings by age:

  • <35 - $49,130
  • 35-44 - $141,520
  • 45-54 - $313,220
  • 55-64 - $537,560
  • 65-74 - $609,230
  • =75 - $462,410

Average 401k balance by age:

  • <25 - $5,236
  • 25-34 - $30,017
  • 35-44 - $76,354
  • 45-54 - $142,069
  • 55-64 - $207,874
  • 65 and older - $232,710

And retirement savings targets from various advisors:


  • 1x by 30
  • 3x by 40
  • 6x by 50
  • 8x by 60
  • 10x by 67


  • 1x by 35
  • 5x by 50
  • 7x by 70

Anyway, do you like metrics like these?

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Important dates:

  • expected summit date is Nov. 2 and 3 soon after Open Source Summit Japan
  • call for speakers is going to end around the end of July

There will be another announcement in a couple weeks.

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Horse styles of the ’50s

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For crying out loud, Jonah! Three days late, covered with slime, and smelling like fish! … And what story have I got to swallow this time?

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You know what I’m sayin’? … Me, for example. I couldn’t work in some stuffy little office. … The outdoors just calls to me.

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Look! Look, gentlemen! Purple mountains! Spacious skies! Fruited plains! … Is someone writing this down?

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