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She'll be waiting for you in Istambul.

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Self-hosted machine. It was basically my old computer I bought back in '09. It's a i5-750 on a Asus P5P77. It started with the 4 GB RAM I hadn't sold until I upgrade to 8. I used a borrowed Nvidia GT730 and a 1 TB HDD at first until I upgrade my main PC GPU and bought a new HDD for the server so now it runs in a 4 TB HDD and my old GTX 1060 3 Gb. It's a beast for my needs.

  • Jellyfin is the main reason I started my server. Initially it was so my mother could easily watch shows I would never illegally download. Until a realized it would be great for me too and friends. To not watch them...I mean, because that would be ilegal!

  • Qbittorrent...shit...oh well :)

  • Nginx, when I realized I could host my own development server and personal website

  • Komga, when I realized I could have the same benefits of Jellyfin with books and comics.

  • Tailscale, allows me to, among other things, use it as an online or LAN hard drive for me and people I like.

  • Samba, see above. It also works to keep a nice share folder between my main PC and my laptop

The more time passes the more I realize self-hosting is the best idea ever. I get new ideias every day.

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I'm terrible at impersonations. Suddenly Carl Sagan's voice is coming out of my mouth.

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No, I don't. Go away. I'm done entertaining you.

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Lol, I'm not German. I couldn't care less what a colonialist subhuman scum thinks I am. In my country people like you stay in the same trash can as nationalists. It's one and the same for us. We got rid of your scum once before. No go away, don't you have some villages to pillage and cultures to assimilate? Those natives are not going to "civilize" themselves, right? Riiiight?

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What workers?? You think Americans are coming to work here for less than 5 euros an hour??? If the labor markets were even comparable do you think they would be able to gentrify the hell out of the country?

Don't you understand, any American living here while working remotely for a US company IS A RICH FOREIGNER!

You're the personification of entitlement and prepotence. Who's obtuse, my white savior "friend"?

PS: Fuck you.

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Yes, they are, and rich foreigners are one of the tools. You act like one of their tools you get treated like one. Colonists share responsibility in colonialism. All your arguments could've easily be used in an African country protesting European colonialism. Houses in my country are being sold directly in the US. They're being built and sold directly in foreign markets while local people work all day and live in tents or under the bridge. The ads look so much like the old colonies in Africa. Selling paradise, selling my country, selling my culture like it's fucking Disneyland while ommitting the existence of the original inhabitants. We get to accept servitude or just leave because iTs A gLoBaL wOrLd.

You are defending colonialism. You're so worried about American workers and the owner class but you don't give a rats ass about our community that is being destroyed. Nah, we're just dumb natives that know nothing about class warfare and you're the white savior willing to give us the previlege of your enlightnment. We should just take it up the ass and things will surely work out...any day now...

Fuck you!

Again, the US is 100 times the size of my country. You can’t justify needing to come here. Your country is larger and less crowded. You have enough room for everybody over there. You keep coming over more people will have to leave. It's just ethnic cleansing with extra steps. You fucked your country, then fix it! We've lost enough of our own people, enough of our culture.

We are not Rhodesia! We are not Hawaii! You are not poor immigrants trying to make a living, you are people trying to exploit a country poorer then your own (and as such lower priced). You are colonialists!

When the owner class stops fucking us over and people no longer need to leave then Americans and other foreigners are welcome as they always have been. Except you. You're a fucking colonialist and we prefer human beings. You are not worth my spit in your face.

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Fuck you, you're an asshole for being a colonialism apologist. It's not nationalism not wanting to be expelled from our own country to give room from rich bastards from another country who spit on our culture and language. It's being anticolonialist.

I've seen family and friends being forced to leave and my country bring drained from its best people only to become the little Kingdom of rich fucks who spit on us. Yeah, we had enough.

The US is 100 times bigger than my country. Now you want it too and I'm supposed to roll over? Fuck you! Get your own house in order! Yeah, it's OUR country, deal with it. It's not fucking Rhodesia you colonialist fuck!

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Sure, we're the assholes being priced out of our own countries to make room for Americans looking to "live like kings". You ruined your country, fix it. Don't come ruin ours.


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If Joe Biden resigned the republicans would say "not enough! You have to commit sepukku on live TV! COWARD!"

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Pulls out...ihihihih

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To be honest I noticed this then new trend a while before micro-transactions were a thing.

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I've known Jack for a couple of years. He's kind of a loner but we always got along as we both have some geeky interests. We're both introverts but I'm somewhat more social.

My girlfriend is also an introvert and when I introduced them, years ago, it was awkward at first but they got along pretty well. We hang out occasionally the three of us.

Mostly we talk in a Facebook group, and I talk to him in private messages. A few times, when he went through a family problem, I knew (from my girlfriend) that he vented to her in a private messages. She was happy to help but felt the need to tell me and I was OK with it.

When we do something at my house, I always invite him but he always refuses. The few times he aquiesced was because my girlfriend convinced him. Sometimes he disables all his social media and we loose all contact.

The latest one has been going for a while. I tried to call him multiple times but he never answers. When my girlfriend messages him he answers immediately. We actually tested that when we were together.

Lately he's been sending her messages trying to chit chat and being somewhat insistent. She felt it was very weird, specially after her seeing he never answer my calls. This latest time she actually confronted him about it and point blank asked him if he was mad at me and that it was all very weird.

You know what I'm thinking...but I'd like to know your perspective.

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The title. I've been delaying long enough and I can't really wait anymore. I need a new GPU. I could really use some advice.

Right now I have a GTX 1060 3 GB with a Ryzen 7 2700X CPU and 32 GB RAM. Mostly I use it for gaming in 1080p but it's not impossible I'll eventually increase it (but unlikely).

I'll accept suggestions outside of my options but keep in mind the prices in my country are different. I'm not looking to buy used for various reasons (lack of warranty is one).

My options are:

RTX 3060 12 GB (290 euros)

RTX 4060 8 GB (330 euros)

RX 7600 XT 12 GB (380 euros)

RX 6750 XT 12 GB (400 euros)

RX 6700 XT 12 GB (420 euros)

RTX 4060ti 16 GB (480 euros)

I was really trying to keep it way below 400 euros. The 7600 XT is already a stretch but I could be convinced to raise the budget to the upper 400s for something with really good bang for buck.

I appreciate the help

UPDATE: In the end I decided to go for the RX 6750 XT for 405 euros but, as is my habit, I decided I should sleep on it. And thank god I did. The next day I went online and had already decided to buy it when I saw it was the store's birthday and they were doing some nice discounts and the 6750 was at 360 euros (limited to stock). I immediately bought. What are the odds?! She'll be here in a couple of days.

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My girlfriend started taking a Masters in a college this year. In her course the faculty have shown some disorganization and computer illiteracy since day one but the latest one...completely killed me.

Besides their personal college e-mail, they wanted a platform to make announcements for all the course (20 students). I can think of a thousand ways to do this. Hell, even a Facebook group would be better. But no...

They have an e-mail address (like [email protected]) where all the info is sent and EVERYBODY has the password to enter the e-mail and check the inbox.

That is it. I have no words. I think this is the most idiotic and dumb thing I've ever seen in IT.


Este agente imobiliário, de nome Vítor Costa, ganha a vida a convencer americanos a virem viver para Portugal com as consequências que todos sabemos. Normalmente nem postaria aqui mas quando o próprio comentou a noticia cheio de soberba e sarcasmo...não resisti. Estas pessoas precisam de ser denunciadas e humilhadas em público pelo que estão a fazer ao nosso país.

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After 8 years, today I just deleted all my comments and posts. So far they are deleted. I haven't deleted my account in case I have to delete them again. Fuck spez.

That is all



Isto é mais comum do que se pensa. Conheço gente (não nesta seita, acho eu) com crenças parecidas. Alguns só registaram as crianças depois de ameaças legais de familiares. Vacinas evitam ao máximo e até tentam não as meter na escola. Os casos que conheço sao crianças que estão a passar claras necessidades de saúde, educativas e sociais. Tudo porque os papás querem viver o sonho de hippie.


Pelo que entendi, os músicos que alugavam salas de ensaios e pagavam renda foram impedidos de aceder às mesmas inclusive de tirar o material. O STOP encontra-se bloqueado por um cordão policial.

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