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Love this guy. Also a big fan of his song cancer

Jesse Welles - Cancer (www.youtube.com)
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I think these are some good points particularly as they reflect on the idea of 'redefining' Masculinity. While i would argue our current conception of Masculinity is much more deeply rooted (certainly much much older) than neoliberalism, Masculinity is similarly dependent on the idea of competition as the primary means of expression. This is why i believe it is somewhat missing the point to try to define a positive Masculinity. If you've got a group of people who've existed since birth in an intrinsically competitive environment, it is not enough to say the new ideal is not competitive. When the cultural notions of the group are already set in place, a supposedly less competitive ideal will result in almost no actual social change. Deconstructing the competitive instincts of Masculinity should be the primary project.

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"I’ve had many clients up and tell me that their friends, their family members, even their partners criticized them or mocked them for recognizing out loud that they were struggling. Of course we’re gonna be scared of being judged or seen as weak if we admit they’re struggling emotionally or mentally, if we know that’s happened before to others or even to us."

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They're on Mastodon and Misskey for the most part.

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Tell me this is a good thing.

Mozilla has long been the most ethical player in this space (while still producing SOTA ML). All of their datasets/models are open source and usually crowdsourced. Not to mention, their existing work is primarily in improving accessibility.

ALSO, the other half of this story is that Firefox is becoming the primary focus again. Everybody's freaking out about the AI stuff but that's because they're only reading the headlines. The programs they've shut down are things like Hubs (Mozilla's metaverse platform), the VPN, and the sensitive data scrubber (which was using a third party service anyway).

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That's cause this is a 10 year old post and things have not improved since then.

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This is when the feds should get involved

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The devs actually talked about this in the AMA from a couple of days ago. Sounds like the current plan is to have all federating servers send their entire list of communities to each other on a regular basis.

The other thing that I think is worth mentioning is Lemmy Community Boost which is basically a bot that serves the same purpose.

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I think how quickly this project has gotten to near feature parity is a testament to how slow Lemmy development has been. Think about scaled sort (a feature that has been hotly requested since the migration) and how long that took to get merged in. A sort should not by any means be slow to implement.

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Worth noting, the number of people who come here "to escape authoritarian moderators". Nearly all of them were moderated for good reason.

I also don't think the presence of places like hexbear are doing us any favors.

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but I don't want hapless allies getting caught in the crossfire.

Especially not for the sake of hexbear

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The pedophile community is the largest local community and that should be all you need to know.

EDIT: Relevant discussion over on reddit

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