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Holy shit, I can't even imagine the amount of mods that will get erased. There were so many fan-mods, maps, minigames, models... Fucking Nintendo...

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You'd think this show would be a telltale reminder not to leave your kids unsupervised on the internet but I still remember watching this randomly as a kid and being horrified

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I hope they're actually good this time, the 8000 series was literally just a renamed version of the 7000 series.

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TL;DR: This is the final update in their roadmap and adds gameplay modifiers on starting the game or NG+. You can choose things like randomizing loot, randomizing enemies, ironman mode, and other gameplay changers. Some make the game easier, most are purely for people that enjoy challenge runs. Pretty neat.

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Oh sweet. I thought Newpipe stopped development to work on a rewrite, or am I misremembering? Either way, nice to see comments working again.

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Coming 14 May, 2024

This game plans to unlock in approximately 3 weeks

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The most I can think of are motion comics (with sound). They're sort of in-between audio books and animation, mostly voice acting but sometimes also explaining a scene.

DC for example used to make them, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZjrOEs8Ss0

Looks like they went out of fashion though. A real shame, many of them had stellar voice acting and actually good production value.

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Yeah the rates of new stickers should be a bit less but it's way better than what it used to be, at least you're not losing on ante 2 constantly due to bad rng

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Has anyone been using Cosmic on Nvidia? I'm thinking of trying it out but I'm worried it wouldn't be stable.

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I can't believe the devs are still alive

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This is kind of good news, at the very least it means Coffee Stain will be fine and separated from whatever the hell embracer is doing.

Publicly traded though... Ugh.

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Hackernews comments section have a 50/50 chance of being one of the smartest, well-researched essay you've seen or an unhinged rant from someone who has a grudge against a specific technology for the past 25 years

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RIP. I hope the levels were backed up.

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Insane. This was one of those games that I thought will stay in EA forever. How long has it been, like 12 years?

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