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Yes, afaik LineageOS shouldn't be locked, but I was talking about GrapheneOS specifically because @[email protected] was talking about that.

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You can lock the bootloader again after the flashing process is done(because it will add the signing key of the new OS), but unfortunately the NFC Payments in Google Pay still won't work because Google only allows it on 'certified' Android systems (aka only the preinstalled OS)

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It was possible to download lossless FLAC files (they got them straight from Deezer) though, so higher quality than anything downloaded from Youtube etc.

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Did you read the sentence before that? A malicious website could read data from other websites(opened in different tabs), and also passwords stored in the browser, etc... There is no additional system exploit needed for that

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Here you can find a good explanation on that.

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Mull (from the DivestOS developers)

But nowadays I'm using a Chromium based browser on my phone because Firefox on Android doesn't support process isolation

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When the 7a launched the regular 7 was almost the same price already, so the gap is actually bigger than last year. But I guess they'll just make the upcoming Pixel 9 more expensive as well to restore the gap again.

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Thankfully the eu will mandate common sense starting in next year's devices... So replaceable batteries are back!

Thats not correct. The law only applies from 2027, and there are exceptions for smartphones and tablets.

Basically it doesn't need to be user replaceable if the battery is rated for at least 83% capacity after 500 charging cycles and at least 80% capacity after 1000 charging cycles.

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Doesn't this affect Signal too? There is a setting under "Privacy -> Advanced" called "Always relay calls", which routes calls through Signal servers to prevent IP leaks (and can decrease call quality)... This setting is disabled by default

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The older Pixels (up to Pixel 5a) only get three years of security updates, and the 4a got released in August of 2020 (the non-a model even earlier), so... yes, its EOL now.

Pixel 6 and 7 series get five years of Security updates, and the upcoming 8 series is rumored to get seven years.


Dokumentation über die Ursachen, wieso immer mehr Leute an einer Glutensensitivität leiden


Ab März 2024 kann bei Überschreitung der Höchstgeschwindigkeit um 80km/h (Ortsgebiet) bzw. 90km/h (außerhalb) das Fahrzeug beschlagnahmt werden.

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