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Using their logic, Jefferson Davis could have run for president.


Tax season is here and with it, a new scam. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says it involves a text message, containing a person's name and personal info, that appears to come from the Canada Revenue Agency. The warning comes as Ontario Provincial Police launch Anti-Fraud Prevention Month.


Canada is launching a resource to help retain and support nurses amid greater workloads, abuse as well as high rates of burnout, stress, anxiety and depression.


A union welder at a potash mine in Saskatchewan will remain on suspension after refusing to give up his nightly toke of medical marijuana, following the ruling of a provincial labour arbitrator.


In a news release sent Tuesday, organizers said they plan to “maintain JPR’s operations, albeit in a scaled-down format” as they restructure the event.


The centre will be located at Regina Centre Crossing on Albert Street, and will be operated by the Saskatchewan Health Authority.


Pope Francis has named a retired Quebec Superior Court judge to investigate allegations of sexual touching against a senior leader of the province's Roman Catholic Church.


City manager Marnie Cluckie named the nature of the cyber attack for the first time during a virtual call Monday afternoon, alongside Mayor Andrea Horwath. The call was the city's first media conference since the breach began on Feb. 25.


Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe expects residents could get less money back through the Canada Carbon Rebate following the province's decision not to remit the federal carbon tax on natural gas used for home heating.

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I haven't dug into it, but I think that activity is just because it's forked?


The co-founders of a company formerly contracted by the Canada Border Services Agency, who raised concerns about the process for doling out government contracts and instigated probes into the ArriveCan app controversy, says the federal government's contracting process is 'absolutely not' giving Canadian taxpayers value for their money.


The Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC) and Lung Saskatchewan are teaming up to test radon levels in all of its properties over the next 10 years.


Two years after the Bank of Canada started raising its key interest rate, inflation, the housing market and the overall economy are vastly different. Here's what's next.


The court's endorsement of the use of the clause, which allows governments to override fundamental Charter rights, is sparking debate about the constitutional provision.

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I think you're mistaking Canada with Canadians.

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He's not the one bringing it up, silly.

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Glad to hear that!

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Make we should call them "regressives" instead.

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I think they won the court battle and then lost the battle against the customer.

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The Public Order Emergency Commission, was a public inquiry created by the Liberal government and Trudeau appointed a Justice to lead the commission. This commission found that the invocation of the emergency act was justified.

However, later there was a federal court that found that it was unjustified.

What's the right answer? I don't know, but I would think that the commission took a much more thorough look. We probably won't have a single answer unless it goes to the Supreme Court.

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I mean, he's not wrong.

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I'm pretty sure they'd have to pay off the creditors first.

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If you'd like to learn how, I recommend the book (which is also available online) Crafting Interpreters.

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