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At the current rate, Japanese robots will be all that populate the country in like 150 years. Japanese racial purity will ensure the rest of the world won't have to worry about their racism eventually πŸ‘

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If you work for Boeing or know someone who does, now is the time for you (or them) to look for a new job. At the very least, update that resume (or help them update it)!

It pains me to think it but this advice could save someone's life.

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He and his Republican allies know it's not a workable plan. Which is why they'll compromise, using more efficient methods of removing these people as well as their political enemies.

Ovens are cheap.

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Even if they are Hamas what consequences would that entail? Hamas has no real power in the US and everything they care about exists in Palestine.

Would they organize terrorists attacks in the US? It's not impossible but I think it's much more likely that they'd use the safety and security of living in the US (ya know, a secular, pluralistic democracy--the opposite of what they want for Palestine) to merely coordinate things with their allies in Gaza.

Every extremist religious organization that's ever come to the US ends up with a very rude awakening when the second or third generation ends up not believing in their religion anymore. Secular rule and freedom of religion (and from religion) are just too powerful for extremists to overcome when they're not isolated from the rest of society.

As long as any extremists can't build isolated communities of co-believers they'll never make headway in places like the US. Their children will get exposed to too much diversity of cultures and beliefs. It's highly unlikely that they will be able to avoid the inescapable march of atheism taking over the West.

BTW: If you are part of a strongly religious society. Say, the type that forces women to dress a certain way or treats non-adherents as lesser human beings then congratulations! You are promoting atheism.

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At least this kid's monster produced sweet honey. Most just produce mold or the occasional anthropomorphic bandits.

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Any day now a Republican will propose they solve this "bureaucratic inefficiency" by switching to ovens.

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Then stop riding in her lap!

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The fairer sex sees not but the belligerent blustering of a bedswerving bobolyne!

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I'd love to see more adoption of... I2C!

Bazillions of motherboards and SBCs support I2C and many have the ability to use it via GPIO pins or even have connectors just for I2C devices (e.g. QWIIC). Yet there's very little in the way of things you can buy and plug in. It feels like such a waste!

There's all sorts of neat and useful things we could plug in and make use of if only there were software to use it. For example, cheap color sensors, nifty gesture sensors, time-of-flight sensors, light sensors, and more.

There's lmsensors which knows I2C and can magically understand zillions of temperature sensors and PWM things (e.g. fan control). We need something like that for all those cool devices and chips that speak I2C.

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To be fair, you are always on the cusp of being fired/laid off. Even if you're the backbone of the company, the best employee, etc.

Also remember that expectations of young people in a lot of businesses are very low. That's why they pay the young so poorly 🀷.

If you seem to be getting work done and your boss isn't bitching then you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing. Don't worry about it.

Also, when you're young change jobs every year or two! It's the best way to make considerably more money over time and no, it will not hurt your resume in the slightest. It merely shows initiative and the fact that everyone wants you (i.e. you're competent).

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"We are living in a highly sexualized society."

History would disagree. We're still living in a society shaped by Quaker beliefs about sex, children, and the human body in general.

It's telling that the article didn't interview anyone with expertise on the history of sex or people who study sex professionally (as academic scientists and researchers). Porn is definitely more easily viewed than ever before and that may be shaping kids views of sexuality but how is that shaping adult's views of sexuality? Why are kids special?

I'll tell you why kids are special: It's because it has become acceptable to assume that kids being exposed to sex of any kind is somehow "bad". Nowhere in the article do they talk about why it is that kids aren't learning about healthy sexual relationships: Because we hide that from them.

No one wants to talk to their kids about sex but if there's one thing you should tell kids (not just your own!) about porn it's this: It's fake

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It's really hard to get SD to output something like a cat girl hugging a fox girl so I decided to learn how to use the "segment anything" extension for a1111. The first results were great!

Fox girl hugging bunny girl being hugged by cat girl

Got the trifecta: A fox girl hugging a bunny girl who was also being hugged by a cat girl.

But now I wanted to take it further: Can I get five different anime beast people's hugging? No, LOL. Now yet anyway 🀣

That's supposed to be a a fox girl, a bunny girl, a cat girl, a frog girl, and a horse girl (like Pretty Derby).

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Generated by Bing DALL-E 3

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We should generate images for other metaphors

submitted 7 months ago by [email protected] to c/baldurs_gate_3

I have since learned that this "fact" isn't true... Turns out the source of that info wasn't understanding how tags work. There's actually just a lot of fanfics that include Astarion. Not necessarily for romance 🀷

It's still hilarious though 😁

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Manufacturer wanted $25 (+shipping) for a replacement garage door opener wall switch. 13 minutes of printing + 5 minutes of soldering + two leftover Cherry MX Blue switches (that I'll be use) and the problem is solved πŸ‘

Note: The wiring was slightly more involved than I thought... needed a resistor for the light (there's only two wires but it's got two functions: Light on/off and garage open/close.

If folks are interested I could make a much fancier PCB-based version with screw terminals and whatnot. It's a very trivial schematic.

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Happy 30th Birthday "New Technology" File System! Thanks for 30 years of demonstrating Linux superiority with a gap that widens with every new kernel release πŸ‘

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As a full time desktop Linux user since 1999 (the actual year of the Linux desktop) I wish all you Windows folks the best of luck on the next clean install πŸ‘

...and Happy 30th Birthday "New Technology" File System!

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As a full time desktop Linux user since 1999 (the actual year of the Linux desktop, I swear) I wish all you Windows folks the best of luck on the next clean install πŸ‘

...and Happy 30th Birthday "New Technology" File System!

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