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One of the promises I wish he would have kept. Back when presidents actually did some of the things they promised.


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Earlier this year, SiegedSec claimed to have hacked the River Valley Church of Burnsville, Minnesota — and to have spent $6,200 in church funds to purchase 100 inflatable sea lions

I would have forced them to spend $100 on as many shelters and food kitchens that they could find, and then see if River Valley would try to do a charge back on each one.

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If this passes, and Biden wins (which means dems win the house and the senate has enough proukrane Republicans to pass stuff), they will be armed until 2026. At the present rate, Russia will surpass 1 million troop losses before the 2026 midterm elections.

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Forget Satanists. Just wait until you start getting Muslim Chaplains.

[-] randon31415 3 points 3 days ago

... as opposed to Black Crush, the annual gathering of MAGA students.

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The article: Adobe did a thing. It was AI. AI looks real. Fin.

Are those two paragraphs the entire article? Or is there more buried under the ads?

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Obama did the opposite: giving money to down ballot democrats because it would make his job easier. Is Biden doing that this time around?

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Every politcian: So how do we funnel this money to kill foreigners while profiting by taking kickbacks from weapon manufacturers?

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Strangely, the only poly people I seem to come across are bi-guy in relationship with woman and female-to-male trans-man. I know other polycule types exist, but for that type, to paraphrases Rick Sanchez: "That just sounds like polygamy with extra (accepting) steps."

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Biden is better than Trump because he (occasionally) listens to what the voters want. Trump tells his followers what they should support, not the other way around.

This also means that people trying to tell Biden to change course sound like Trump supporters to people that believe politicians never listen.

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He knows the pain of loosing a child, why is he supporting something that is causing 10s of thousands of parents to loose their children?

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This sounds like that Simpsons episode where the school board votes down the "free recharging of fire extinguishers". They aren't even saying that their might be problems with floride, they just want choice for the option of choices sake. What is next, freedom to push your children into traffic?

3D Turn Test (lemmy.world)
submitted 10 months ago by randon31415 to c/[email protected]

Gave up on ICON/PaMir/PiFu/Eva3D ever working on my computer and tried to make it work on my own.

Workflow: Stable diffusion, Automatic1111. -Text2Img something that your model know the back and front of with a prompt.
-Take image, feed into Depth map script, output Left/Right stereogram -Cut Stereogram into two pieces, feed either left or right into img2img with same prompt, low but non-zero de-noising, and depth map script again. Repeat on same side.

Still need to play with the settings (de-noising and depth shift), up the resolution, change the prompt a bit while rotating. Hope someone else has better luck than I did. Anyone have a better workflow?

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