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Wait for a bugfix release after a major release. Then upgrade.

need moar bugs fixed, just to be safe

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If you have to compromise so much as to barely and forcefully cling to a definition, might as well call China a democracy by some weird, fucked up "technicality".

Also, reminder: the electoral college was a compromise designed to give more weight to slave-owning states.

No need for reminders, we know how low it can go or has gone and still calls themselves the "greatest nation".

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US was founded by rich guys not wanting to pay taxes to the British. The brainwashing of the common folks made to do the bidding for the rich was always there, since the very beginning.

What did hell did ya expect?

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Hackernews, unironically named to appeal tech circles, but run by venture capital fund y-combinator, mainly to promote companies they invest in.

As such it's mostly used by techbros (MBA types) and tech companies to show-off, start drama, push their PR, damage control, and occasionally post news.

It's like linkedin, in reddit format. It's all about your connections.

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"Gone with the wind."

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Ha! Intimidation is holy grail of the USA. Read up on your history, boy.

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"This is good for B̶i̶t̶c̶o̶i̶n̶ AI"

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For what it's worth, even if nothing happens, at least it shows everyone else who are the genocide enablers.

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It's bigger than Apartheid. It's Apartheid supported by most of the so called "civilized", proponents of "human rights" western world.

There's no consequences to be had with their blessings.

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Countries that genocide, stick together on the same side.

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There are a lot of war criminals there to keep him company though.

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