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Ok. That makes a whole lot more sense

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Honestly, I'm even more confused now. White supremacists were using it against "RINOs"

The original insult makes sense in that context (man who's spouse is unfaithful), but in this diagram it was listed with oppression of identity and sexuality. The only way my brain seems to interpret that is by assuming the word is used in its fetish form which makes even less sense to me

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Yeah I'm calling it now, after the whole racist stuff against his wife, and his earlier Trump criticism.

Trump isn't just going to use him to throw under the bus at some point. Trump is going to make an example out of him.

He and his family will be "purged from the party" (however they decide to do that, I really hope they don't go full Nazi but my hopes are dwindling daily). For every reason they despise.

And the GOP will go "what no way we couldn't see that coming."

And the rest of the world will be like "y'all really never heard about anything that happened in the 20th century?"

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Wait hold on

Why would cucks bother them? Isn't that like a conservative thing?

Am I seriously missing something here?

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Personally I think we just need to collectively wear suit coats more often. It looks... Idk. Better than a lot of stuff. Maybe I'm just saying that because I'm fat.

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No I remember that too. A guy posted the one without the guy being tied up and I swore it was cut short.

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Can I just say that as someone who enjoys dressing in the fancier western getups (think Tombstone) this more cosplay-rugged look screams insecurity when worn by people trying to look... Like they do manual labor?

Like he's a billionaire. Where's the tailored frock jacket, vest, and bolo tie, with a $3k hat. At least that way he wouldn't be a poser

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My parents love that sauce. I like the spicy one the others are boring American flavored salsa

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Well, considering that the price of the one that meets my minimum specs is 40k, yeah, that checks out.

I'm actually debating about if I save up for 40k on a car, why not go 65k and get a BMW idrive instead y'know

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I'm more surprised that people can keep matching socks. My son almost always takes them off immediately after his shoes and they get tossed to who knows where.

He wore a baby Yoda sock and a Gary the snail sock today.

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Why does it look like they raided a freshman college dorm laundry and only took out the clothes they could find from target


It will still break them if you try it


I'm talking like one person brought in all the money for a decade, then a divorce happens. Some of it makes sense - a house with mortgage, one spouse buys the other out of the house. Which is great, but if one spouse doesn't have the income to take a loan out to buy the other, does that mean that the spouse who does have the income has the choice to buy out or sell?

Similarly, things like 401ks and pensions I imagine you can't just take out half the cash in them and give that to their spouse. Or does that have to be a loan for the amounts in those plans?

Is it debt all the way down for both?

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Let me set the stage: Newly single dad of a young kid. After COVID-19 I haven't done much outside of my home and taking care of my kid. I work full time-remote, and between the kiddo and leaving room for a hobby or taking care of the house, it seems like the only other thing I have time for is sleep.

The thing I know is that this is likely an issue with my anxiety and anxious attachment. The conclusion we've arrived at in therapy is that I gotta meet people. I apparently forgot, or don't know how to do that. Where to meet people. It's not a big city, but 200k-300k people in the county.

Maybe I'm looking for something of a strategy more than anything.

edit: thank you guys, I really appreciate it!

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