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Nah, that's too affordable and easy to use for a True Artist.

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Put a paper drawing behind the transparent screen and draw on the screen to digitize it.

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Kind of, yeah.

There are WiFi setups that can cover as far as 10 km range, which is firmly inside 4G territory, with a speed to match.

[-] pelya 1 points 1 day ago

Yup. 5G is LTE with more frequency bands.

Just slap one more antenna into your phone, that's how we're increasing network speed.

[-] pelya 3 points 1 day ago

American values clashing with common sense.

Is that how some people are still voting for Trump?

[-] pelya 6 points 1 day ago

Simply install Ubuntu from Microsoft Store.

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ITU defined 4G in 2008 as wireless connectivity with speed of 100 megabits per second for mobile users and 1 gigabit per second for stationary users.

LTE never achieved such speeds. It did not stop mobile operators from calling their service 4G.

ITU since then revised their definition to lower the required network speed.

5G was supposed to have network speeds of 10 gigabits per second. ITU however wisened up and are just defining it as 'fifth-generation wireless', because the mobile operators will butcher the definition anyway.

[-] pelya 8 points 1 day ago

It's all mostly a marketing speak.

LTE is a proper name for the latest flavour of a wireless connectivity steandard. It simply means 'long-term evolution', because naming it after the actual underlying algorithms would be 'orthogonal frequency-division with multiple access' was too long even for nerds who created that standard, and also it uses simpler frequency-division with multiple access for transmitting data from your phone to the cell tower, so the actual proper name would be 'OFDMA uplink FDMA downlink'.

And 5G is still mostly LTE, just with extra radio channels and an optional millimeter frequency support.

There were similarly several 3G technologies - HSDPA, HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, DC-HSDPA w/MIMO, each offering a better speed, but that would be confusing, so the operators just named everything as 3G.

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There's a really simple and effective solution. Deny entry to any russians with no long-term reason to stay.

FSB agents on a tourist visa? Deny.

Military-haircut men looking to open 'high-tech business' to buy electronic components and drone parts? Deny.

A young family of four fit guys looking to visit their grandma on a weekend? Deny.

Mail-in russian wife moving to live with her Spanish husband? I guess that should be allowed.

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But tofu is a cheese substitute

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That's why cowboy hats have folded brims.

[-] pelya 4 points 4 days ago

Cpt. Redfish misses his fishbones-themed bandana.

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I've unlocked all weapons in Vampire Survivors, and I'm too bored to grind the remaining 14 unlocks.

Please recommend me some proper, $10 up-front games.

submitted 6 months ago by pelya to c/[email protected]

I've alrealy played all versions of Space Marshals, Tesla vs Lovecraft, Tesla Force, Jydge, Crimsonland, Grind Infinity, Solomon Keep, PewPew, and Vampire Survivors (although it's not twin stick but close enough).

Are there any new twin stick shooters, preferrably something I can pay for once and without IAP going up to $100?

submitted 7 months ago by pelya to c/[email protected]

I want to open large image with comments below when clicking on a post, like in Jerboa

submitted 7 months ago by pelya to c/[email protected]

Is there a way to cast my phone screen to TV using some kind of Tasker plugin? I'm using screen cast to view one specific app on a big TV, but the screen mirroring stops whenever the wifi blinks, and I'd like it to reconnect automatically.

submitted 7 months ago* (last edited 7 months ago) by pelya to c/androidgamers

I've encountered many, many mobile games where the character needs to perform five different actions, so the developer adds five separate buttons to the screen. Of course you will mis-tap them and die in the middle of a boss fight.

The best touch controls are achieved when the dev designs the game around touchscreen, not attempts to adapt touch controls for some existing game.

For platformers there are two movement buttons on the left, and three buttons on the right part of the screen - jump, attack, and alternate attack or some action like dodge. Any more buttons make the game hard to play. There is also a common mistake of making buttons the size of a thumbtack. Ideally the buttons should be as big as a 5 Euro coin, that would be a third or even a half of screen width for most phones.

My recommendations are SuperTux and Swordigo.

For twin-stick ahooters there are two joysticks, and maybe one or two extra action buttons above the right joystick, but not anything more.

The best examples are Space Marshals and Crimsonland.

Top-view RPGs and dungeon crawlers also tend to use twin stick controls. The gameplay tends to be more relaxed, because you can slways grind few more levels and don't bother dodging enemy attacks.

Shoot-em-up is another type of game that works really well with the touchscreen. Your aircraft follows your finger no matter where you touch the screen, it's simpe and it works well. There is a wide variety of quality shmups on Play Store, try OpenTyrian for some classic DOS gameplay.

Honorable mention to swipe controls. You can swipe up/down/left/right without aiming for a specific button and even without looking at the screen, ao it's impossible to mis-tap the wrong button. The downside is that swiping is slower than taps, so the gameplay tends to be slower. Reaper is a good example.

First person shooters are okay for casual gaming, but playing any competitive Counter Strike clone like Critical Strike or Critical Force will earn you a friction burn on your finger, because you are swiping the screen non-stop to aim.

I'm not reviewing strategy games here, they can have 10-layer menus and dialogs and still be playable.

Some racing games support gyroscope as a replacement for the steering wheel, it works rather well.

And of course there are infinite runner games. I don't want to call the whole infinite runner category trash, there are some good runner games like SmashHit or Vektor or Alto's Odyssey, but if it's three lanes infinite runner, you will watch ads each 30 seconds, and the gameplay is only fun for the first 30 seconds.

Flappy bird. Best touch controls ever, but the game itself is garbage.

There is a specific class of mobile gamers who are using gamepads. The gamepad is great for sure, you have a separate button for each finger, however the gamepad is more often than not bigger than the phone, so you are losing convenience and need clothing with huge pockets.

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