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Something like this

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Female with a black crown was right beside


The male has a bright red crown, female in added pictures below.

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Agree with your opinion. More than just them being unhappy, also for the child to have a poor childhood because the parent never wanted to take care of another human

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What a beautiful shot

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Sadly they only look black under the shade. I think it's a snakefruit tree, doesn't really look like lychee

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Didn't even notice till now, I think it's a snakefruit tree

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Really depends on your use case beyond basic requirements. I like the logitech 502 or razer basilisk for gaming, but for daily work I use the logitech mx vertical.

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It's taken in the Singapore Bird Park! Haha I guess they don't have too many options for natural looking bird baths.

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They're native to the Kenya region, but I got this picture at the Singapore Bird Park

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It started out as trying to photograph new species that I didn't find before (gotta catch 'em all).

After a while I accepted some are less common to see, and I shifted to trying to get better photos or different positions of familiar birds to improve my skills.

I think either approach works, whichever makes you happy with the hobby.

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What a haul!


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Singapore doubles down on lab-grown meat as Silicon Valley backs off

Global funding in the cultured meat industry dropped by 75% in the last year. Singapore sees its chance to become a world leader, backing local and international firms.

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This picture triggered the same Calvin and Hobbes memory for me

Banded woodpecker (
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