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The Belgian Council presidency seems set to greenlight Chat Control on Wednesday 19 June.
This confirms fears: the proponents of Chat Control want to exploit the situation after the European Elections, in which there is less public attention and the European Parliament is not yet constituted.
If Chat Control makes it through the Council now, there is a risk that the Parliament in its new composition will not fight as fiercely as before and surrender our previous wins.


On Thursday, 13 June, ministers were set to debate a progress report. (Find a recording here) The Belgian Council presidency announced that they will present a new compromise proposal afterwards. According to documents leaked by netzpolitik.org, the session to seek an agreement on it will already take place on Wednesday, 19 June.

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I don't understand, do you want social services to be handled by private business instead of the government?

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Can't stop eating dough

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So your wife had them in her contacts, got notified her contacts joined signal, and the link to you is...?

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Graphene on Pixel 8 here, also pretty happy with it. Previously had a Pixel 3a with Graphene.

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You need money to defend your copyright in court, otherwise it's pretty meaningless

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Why are you installing Signal Desktop on your phone?

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Writing less code costs more money. The programm is large because they slapped some existing stuff together instead of writing everything from scratch

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Is you 5G connection faster than 4G anyways? In my country you don't really get above 150Mb/s either way

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I did that the other day

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Harddrives start at 16€/TB, so 500MB would be 0.008€. SSDs start at 50€/TB, so it would be 0.025€ or two-and-a-half cents

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Chaosradio ist der Podcast des Chaos Computer Club Berlin (CCCB). In dem (bis zu) zweistündigen Format informiert er seit 1995 (meist) monatlich über technische und gesellschaftliche Themen.

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Flight Gear is a FOSS flight simulator, available for Linux, Windows, MacOS and FreeBSD.

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