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Discovery got even worse after season 2.

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Very nice. I've been daily driving KDE for 20 years and only changed the default wallpaper once or twice.

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On behalf of UofT, what an honour /s

It caught me by surprise. When they filmed the short trek some years ago there was a university-wide email about filming going on, but this time nothing.

Both DSC and SNW are filmed in Toronto, and we've seen landmarks from the city before (e.g. Aga Khan Museum, Ontario Place); and of course "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" took place entirely in the city in the 2020s and featured it heavily.

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Ha, I superficially know the creator irl.

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I had the tune to Men of Harlech stuck in my head for almost 20 years, then I randomly watched a video about Wales that used it, and I was able to make the connection from there.

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I also always start with "crane" 😁

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Not a great comparison. Toronto is comparable to Berlin, and should have similar level of public transit service.

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Hydrogen was made approximately 400,000 after the big bang in a process called recombination, as the universe cooled down enough for stable neutral atoms to exist.

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Not really always, because of buoyancy. A balloon of volume V displaces the same amount of air weather it's filled with air or lead, but in the former case the force is significant.

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Egyptian hieroglyphs used to be painted, what we see now is usually (but not always) completely faded.

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Is it actually running snap or just unpacking its content and running it as a normal flatpak?

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I recommend watching the whole interview, it's hilarious.

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Pretty interesting talks, especially focusing on safety.

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The picture is from very early in the episode, I'm trying not to spoil it to anybody. The new Star Trek show "Strange New Worlds" just released an episode that mostly takes place in present-day (more-or-less) Toronto, with familiar city sites in almost every scene. It's a pretty good episode for Kurtzman-era Trek, although it's hard to concentrate on the plot as Torontonians.

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