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yea dude no shit. all the certificates and ethical labeling are bullshit anyone can pay for the certificates or source from someone without visiting the factory. sending orders out happens all the time. the brands often have no knowledge of how anything is done.

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they need DRUGS

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it has been quite broken for some time

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I would add that driving all the way to the dump with something in a truck isn't something everyone's able to do

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it's all legal, because you sign it all away. you have to in order to use the service

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this is correct I would recommend eating more than just a protein shake everyday

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I would not leave my country because of politics. If anything, politics makes me want to stay in my country, where I can advocate and cause a ruckus. Israel needs more citizens who are empathic about what's going on.

With this being said, I absolutely left my country.

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I love hacker news. The internet needs more things like this

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The same thing happens in fastly with the VCL

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Bluetooth is a pretty bad idea I wouldn't want anything like that in my car or in my house or on my toilet

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I replaced meat with a protein shake

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you should eat better food though. you will feel better

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I would like to not see image posts on my feed. Many communities are full of good information, but also plagued by useless memes. All of the image posts are useless memes. I do not want to see them.

With Reddit, I could filter out image hosting domains. with Lemmy this is not possible because there isn't a special domain that images are hosted from.

I know that the app is detecting these posts as images, because as you can see there is an image icon on the right. Please let me filter these posts out. I will buy you 37 coffees.

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Dear fucking God holy fuck.

There are many communities here with some portion of interesting link/text posts which are also plagued by useless unfunny memes. With Reddit you could filter by domain because shitty meme posts will be from i.reddit.com or v.reddit.com. That trick doesn't work for Lemmy.

Sync can tell when a post is an image, obviously. Can it please filter them out? I'll pay an extra $99 for this.

Can't do it (lemmy.world)
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is anyone else taking a shit in my ass

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A stalled Cruise robotaxi blocked a San Francisco ambulance from getting a pedestrian hit by a vehicle to the hospital in an Aug. 14 incident, according to first responder accounts. The patient later died of their injuries.

“The patient was packaged for transport with life-threatening injuries, but we were unable to leave the scene initially due to the Cruise vehicles not moving,” the San Francisco Fire Department report, first reported by Forbes, reads. “The fact that Cruise autonomous vehicles continue to block ingress and egress to critical 911 calls is unacceptable.”

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