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Why does god even care if we worship it?

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Or people who thought the same way until they met someone.

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It's probably just nostalgia but the 90s were formative. It was pretty much peak network TV. Peak music label music, the internet was a thing everyone had heard about but only schools and nerdy parents had. It really does feel like a different era.

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Maybe around the torso area a little bit though.

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That would explain the reaction from men but not similar reactions from women, which are even more common in my experience.

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Never saw the cinematic masterpiece that was Harry and the Hendersons?

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Just secede if you feel that way

The land doesn't even belong to them. Between the Bureau of Land Management, National Forests, Parks, National Monuments, National Recreation and Wilderness Areas the federal government owns over 70% of Utah.

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Well slap my fanny and tickle my ass.

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Your question was already answered in the other thread. I recommend you read it and maybe Google a few things.

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Yes, it's called JAQ'ing off or Sealioning and is how people try to push an idea while still being able to say "oh no not me I'm just curious."

If you were actually curious you'd google it, or been aware of his descent over the last 5 years.

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You're free to live your life the way you like but mistaking everyone with a spiritual belief as religious is incorrect. Have a nice day.

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