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I don't know, it doesn't seem far off.

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The beach, I couldn't give less of a bother about going to lay on some burning sand, occasionally dipping my toes in some freezing fish piss water, and getting pelted in the face with sand as a bunch of kids run by kicking up every speck of sand they touch while their parents are getting shitfaced and blasting music no one else wants to hear.

Put me in a secluded lake in the woods with some shade near by and I'm all in though. I guess more specifically my issue is with the people at the beach, but still.

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Years ago when I was on Medicaid I spent about 2 weeks in the hospital. They took my appendix out and after looking at it and running some tests found out that I had some rare parasite. I was in excruciating pain at the time, throwing up blood a few times a day and just withering away. There was a pill that I was waiting to get that would've killed the parasites which could've been given to me after my 4th day there when they confirmed what I had. I spent the rest of the 2 weeks being doped up on morphine and an array of fluids until I couldn't take it anymore and left the hospital 'AMA'.

I went to a different hospital and got the medicine I needed almost immediately.

I did throw up again though when I got a ~$60k bill from my 2 week stay at the first hospital. Again they took out my appendix, ran some test, and pumped me with opiods for 2 weeks without treating my actual issue.

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I was always very skinny until recently. Financially I couldn't afford to eat more than a meal a day at best, so skipping meals was kind of the point.

A few years ago my situation got better and without even realizing it I jumped from 115 to 145 in a matter of a few months just from eating 3 relatively healthy meals a day.

My problem now is I can't stop eating all the time.

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Yeah, I get the sentiment that you can't avoid bugs and I think to an extent they are inevitable at a certain point. But something like this is just negligence.

My company isn't medical or anything life threatening if something goes wrong, but a bug could cost someone a nice heap of money, in turn costing us a nice heap of money. So we have a rule to treat and test our software as if it were used in the medical industry. Although it seems like we should be aiming for a higher standard at this point.

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As a clean shaved man who doesn't shave because he can't grow any sort of facial hair I feel personally attacked.

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You could always just boot up a windows VM and set up a shared folder to code on Linux/test on windows if your application has issues running on Linux.

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I thought it sounded too easy, but every article i read said it worked.

Any specific brand/style of trap you would recommend? I'd like to keep the bees for my trees and garden if possible and I'd rather save chemicals for an absolute last resort

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Figure this was a good place to ask.

My whole block has a horrible wasp issue. All my neighbors seem to just be killing them as they see them with raid or something, which hasent helped much.

My plan was to use a vinegar/water mix with a few drops of peppermint oil and go around the house and spray it in the areas i cant have them for immediate action. But i also hear you can plant some herbs like lemon balm and mint to help keep them away from certain areas. I'm not sure how true this is so I figured id ask.

I already have some lavender, lemond balm, and catmint plants i can move around.

P.S. i know they're necessary and good to have around, but my 2 year old is allergic and loves to play in the yard.

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To add to this, most companies in the us have a waiting period before certain benefits kick in, like health insurance. So if you want to switch jobs for whatever reason, you better be extra careful for the first 3 months of your new job. Unless of course you want to pay $1,000 a month to keep your insurance through cobra, or go through the cluster fuck runaround of getting insurance on your own. So especially when your insurance cover your whole family, it's a nightmare.

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Thanks! Definitely looks like it

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Yup, spot on. Thank you!

What's this bug? (postimg.cc)
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Terrible picture but it's the best i could get.

In the US south jersey.

They're tiny, dark with some spots and seem to like hanging out in windowsills.

They super squishy when squeezed and slow, they started appearing inside when the weather was getting warm a few weeks ago.

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If you don't mind me asking what do you do? I'm always curious since truthfully the $200k/y fang jobs sometime make me think I'm the odd one out who's not gonna retire by 40. And as primarily a perl developer on a team of 2 I feel like were in our own world most of the time.

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We're planning on growing strawberries this year. I was planning on putting them in pots with plant hangers on the sunny side of the fence, my wife suggested building a vertical tower with some dollar store tri-pots.

Both ideas make sense to me so i wanted to see if anyone had any experience/advice on what's the best way, or if it doesn't matter, or if there's a much better idea that we haven't thought of.

Thanks in advance!

First hardwood cuttings (self.gardening)
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After only 2 weeks 4 of my 5 hardwood apple tree cuttings already have a little bit of root growth!

It's not much, I could joke and say you need a microscope to see it and not be far off but it feels like such an accomplishment and a little like magic.

It's my first time propagating from cuttings and I'm absolutely amazed that I essentially stuck some sticks in dirt and they're turning into trees.

Even workload (self.parenting)
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Those who are lucky enough to have a partner.

How do you divey up the workload and ensure an even partnership where one partner is stay at home and the other works full time?

miscarriage (self.parenting)
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My wife and I had a miscarriage last week. We were 11 weeks along but our baby only grew to 8 weeks.

It's been devastating.

I'm hoping to get some advice from anyone who's been through it.

  • what can I do to help my wife? She's in physical pain which seems to be overriding the emotional pain, but I'm sure it will hit in due time and want to be able to help her the best that I can.

  • our 15 month old obviously doesn't know what's going on, but it seems like he's noticed a change of energy. Its hard to play with him like I normally do. I love him to bits, I just don't have the energy but I need to make sure he knows he's loved.

  • we were able to collect the fetus as it passed naturally , we would like to do something to memorialize our unborn child but don't know what.

  • how can I take care of myself while taking care of my family through these times.

Thanks for any advice.

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My wife, my 1 year old and I have a trip coming up and we'll be staying in a hotel.

Our big guy's done great on previous trips sleeping without a problem, but this will be the first time we don't have a separate room for him (we've stayed in cabins and stuff before, I don't mean a separate hotel room). When we try to put him down and he sees us still in the room he usually just cries for us and we would have to end up going to bed with him.

I would love to be able to put him down and still be able to enjoy a quite night of playing cards or watching a movie with my wife without having to go to bed at 7 with him everynight.

Anyone have any advice?

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