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Try a Mi Band. I usually don't recommend Xiaomi products because of their heavy tracking and intrusiveness, but if you only use the band during sleep, you should be fine. If you already have the know-how (which I suspect you do), you can control it yourself through Bluetooth, and the band will erase all data it holds once transmitted.

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You're probably talking about contractors and gross pay. That's probably why people here are misunderstanding your statement.

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I don't believe the children should pay for they fathers mistakes. I was replying to the OP comment that suggests that we should take into account slavery has something to do with poor conditions some of said descendant of slaves are atm.

I came from a long line of poor people in the sense of money, and only one of my uncles was able to get a degree (from his pocket money and hard work, you have to pay even if it's a public university), recently a cousin was also able to get a degree as well. And me and my brother pursuit more technical courses.

I can have a decent income by working on projects from abroad but the Portuguese state takes ~70% of that in direct and indirect taxation.

Meanwhile I don't have a family doctor for 14 years now, and if I need something to be taken care of I need to get help in the private sector. Justice is slow, the streets and public buildings are decaying to a point of rupture, public administration is a complete disgrace in general...

I'm basically a slave to this corrupt politicians. They take my hard work in the form of taxation and provide nothing/almost nothing in return.

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I meant directly descendant. And I don't disagree on your reasoning, it's true.

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Dude, I'm not descendant of slaves and I'm pretty much a slave of the Portuguese state at the moment. If this corrupt cast of politicians wants to pay reparations, I do not oppose to it, but they need to pay it from their own pockets.

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Yes, you have to pay an annual membership fee to Apple if you want your apps to stay listed in the App Store.

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Not a brit, and I still think s01e01 is one of the best black mirror episodes ever. I whish any country in the EU would have a prime minister with the courage to f* a pig to save a life, although I know that's not the message of the the episode.

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I've lost my girlfriend to this episode even before I met her. I was able to bring her back to the series with One Million Merits in her second attempt :D

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Would have thought Google would be on top of this though, but probably not?

It's against play store ToS, but if somehow you can make it look organic enough it might be difficult to proof. In truth I don't know how this kind of services operate. I do think Google would try to counter this as much as possible yes. And 8M reviews can't be just from this kind of services, at some point you have real users engagement, you just need the initial visibility boost.

Good luck with your research🖖

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Made four key saves until I finally concede a goal and instantly dropped from 6.8 to 5.1. Was able to grab a ball from a corner and couple of passes since Benfica was pressing very high, to only get a jump to 5.4 😂

I've been pretty much on green with the help of L1 (just in case this could be the issue), except to take this photo.

As in any other game where I'm bellow 7.0, I got subbed at around 70mn when the game stops.

Is Bruno Varela paying Álvaro Pacheco to humiliate me every game just out of spite?

Anyway, I've lost hope in this game long time ago, this was just a reminder why stopped buying it.

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