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Love this, thank you. Will have to explore the artist!

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Cool, I think you just saved me a bit of time.

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What a fuckin ride this has all been gd. Let's do it, Denton.

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You can get this quote framed from cracker barrel for just $16.99

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Holy hell that image on the wiki is somethin else..

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I can't see how it would be unethical to systemically remove the biggest roadblocks in the way of NEEDED progress, in terms of personnel, in attempt to salvage what we can. We know their agenda, the playbook, the offenders, their business ties, their politics. It's all bullshit and it has worked on too many people, the damages are done, and now it's time to remove these fucking parasites and actually do the shit these overweight rednecks think they're doing by hating POC and driving trucks to the grocery store.

We are talking about the fate of humanity and I absolutely do not give a flying fuck about any of the few faceless, soulless pieces of shit sitting on billions, their legacy tied to our demise.

The fact that nobody's stepping up to the plate in significant ways just breeds more contempt and enmity for them. If we're all going down, we know who the fattest are 😊

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so good dude

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some Christian conservative will pardon him eventually

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"schedule your drugs" - a dude at Bonnaroo

Loosely schedule your music 😁 ride the vibes above all else

  • Dr Dre - 2001
  • Future- DS2
  • Animal Collective - Merriweather post pavilion
  • Outkast - aquemini
  • silvertones - silver bullets
  • LCD Soundsystem - American dream
  • Funkadelic - maggot brain
  • Queens of the Stone age - songs for the deaf
  • Radiohead - kid amnesia (kid a/amnesia)
  • Fatboy slim - you've come a long way baby
  • Viktor Vaughn - vaudeville villain
  • Curtis Mayfield - Superfly soundtrack
  • Daft punk - random access memories
  • Wiki - half god
  • Action Bronson - cocodrillo turbo
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just found this, p great

Grabbed a few more (
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  • Hotsaucecommitteeparttwo
  • Donuts
  • 3030


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recent adds! (
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  • The house is burning
  • Since I left you
  • Capital punishment
  • The ecstatic
  • Circles
  • the divine feminine
  • Good am
  • Watching movies with the sound off
  • Faces
  • El Camino
  • Brothers
  • Thickfreakness
  • Rubber factory
  • The fragile
  • Downward spiral
  • Blue lips 🥶
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Ya dig

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Washington 🦅

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