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Could not agree more

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Organization is key.

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I will never understand why people of color are drawn to this well documented bigot. And let’s not get started on the mental gymnastics of the Log Cabin Republicans.

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When I lived there I used to say that it was the Florida state bird. It’s nice to see they have infested other parts of the country to that level. Share the love.

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It’s a “never do this again, or ever”. Been in front of judges and always warned my patients/clients to be highly respectful. They hold your little bits in their hands.

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Just hang on. You’re almost there. Almost 56. Other than some arthritis, gaming ain’t all that bad.

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High school. Wizardry and Ultima. I am so old

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If you can’t joke about death then what? I made jokes with my mother about having lost two toes to diabetes. Just couldn’t count past 18 anymore. She loved the manicures and pedicures insurance paid for. She was twisted.

My joking helps with coping with traumas. World’s greatest defense mechanism.

And I’ve been shaving my head for decades so I’ve heard jokes since the 90’s. All of them.

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Now that made me laugh.

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So many good memories of his music. It introduced me to industrial in the early 90’s. This just means that the artists of my generation are starting to pass. I’m sad.

There is nothing wrong with sticking to one’s convictions.

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And I am fine with that. Well said.

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Well put. I am also not young. I remember the hate and the use of that word as well. It really does weird me out at times that the queer community is as accepted as it has become. I hope it will one day be a normalized part of society. Many of my old friends and family would welcome that.

As for that woman you wrote of, I agree with you except for her being pitied. She deserves nothing other than to be remembered for her actions so they will hopefully not be allowed to happen again.

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My wife and I have been taking care of this stray. We usually go outside and call for it and make some noises for him to come out to eat. A few nights back we go out for the same routine. We call and we hear him. Finally, we look up. About 10’ up is this.

Little guy finds some safety in that huge hole beneath him. He tucks right in. Until he poked his head out we had no idea.

Forgive if the picture is a bit dark.

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My wife just showed me this. Words escape me.

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