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Because cashiering sucks ass? and no one wants to do it so theyre constantly understaffed. being a SCO attendant is nicer for the employees and the customers a lot of the time. but its not feasible for every transaction so there will still always be a need for cashiers. Maybe you shouldnt talk about something you havent done yourself cause im not explaining this to you any more.

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No actually they dont. Ive worked in grocery stores for 10 years that is not how it works.

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I do. I do want catgirls to serve me vegan food bowls while we watch satanic rituals.

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Our sco clusters have 6 stations each. you literally couldnt fit 18 more registers in our store let alone staff them. We have 8 registers and we've not once been able to fully staff those registers. at any given time we can find staff for maybe 4 of them.

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I've never seen or heard of someone getting fired and replaced by a SCO. it just doesnt happen.

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Self Checkouts are not job killers. they still need people to run them. Most stores have 3 SCO clusters that need 3 attendants each per day. thats 9 jobs right there, add in weekend coverage, vacations, part timers, etc and most grocery stores will have a need for around 15 cashiers which is not easy for any store to fully staff.

source: ive worked grocery stores for around 10 years.

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Hilariously, they never mentioned rape. But i understand that it must be hard for your tiny little brain to understand nuance, seeing as you see no issue with someone unconsensually grabbing and kissing someone on the mouth...

Go crawl back into whatever cave you came from, troll.

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It is a tool like all other tools. It's helpful and amazing when it works, but for now they are too unreliable and hallucinate too often.

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This looks unbearably contrived like it was formulated by an AI.

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u might wanna be more physically active tbh

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why didnt i think of that damn

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i do like this

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