[-] mojofrododojo 1 points 7 hours ago

gonna try this soon. I often emit onions and scallions but might even try them here.

[-] mojofrododojo 4 points 8 hours ago

non-flying apes


[-] mojofrododojo 3 points 8 hours ago* (last edited 8 hours ago)

we're caught in a trap

I can't warp out

Because I love you too much baby

[-] mojofrododojo 5 points 8 hours ago

how dare they defend themselves against the legions of russian script kiddies sponsored by the FSS/FSB, the fucking nerve

[-] mojofrododojo 13 points 10 hours ago

That's because they're not unions in the traditional sense, they're rackets. From overtime schemes to protecting criminal cops, police unions are not trade-unions. It's gross.

[-] mojofrododojo 5 points 13 hours ago

I’m an atheist.

Funny, so am I. But even tho I don't practice a faith, I'm not so dim that I assume the destruction of one's religious symbols would go without a care.

Did you expect me to say, "Oh, well, if you're an atheist...." like that absolved you from having half a fucking brain?

Did you really?

Tell you why you care? if believers are out there destroying each other's symbols how long until they come after the non-believer types?

should concern you mightily, the fact that I'm here explaining things to you makes me doubt your truthfulness or your intelligence.

[-] mojofrododojo 4 points 15 hours ago

you're a pedantic pogue who's happy to see violence carried out on your perceived enemies and their religious symbol.

so let's try "I didn't care that people violently attacked religious symbols."

pedant, prick, take your pick.

[-] mojofrododojo 6 points 17 hours ago

Nothing of value was destroyed.

forgot already huh? Typical conservative.

I'm sure you'll just ban me.

[-] mojofrododojo 6 points 20 hours ago

yet you hold one parties' religious depictions above another.

some standards.

[-] mojofrododojo 2 points 1 day ago

like all of their policies you can see the forethought involved.

[-] mojofrododojo 11 points 1 day ago

Nothing of value was destroyed.

christians would be going bonkers if a nativity or crucifix were destroyed.

why do you have two sets of standards?

[-] mojofrododojo 3 points 2 days ago

And it's only going to get hotter. The heat dome Mexico is experiencing is horrific. And conservatives are trying to reduce the already ineffective worker protections.

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