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Fair enough, I'm just saying it makes things easier for people who feel overwhelmed with the installation process shown by the arch wiki

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Also archinstall sets you up with a DE of your choice and other basics for day to day use

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I always liked the idea of converting an old e30 BMW

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I know IGORRR as a breakcore artist haha

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The combination is what makes it weird to me, I think

[-] meekah 2 points 1 day ago

Lmao your username 😭

[-] meekah 8 points 2 days ago

I never really have hidden files off, so I wasn't even aware dolphin does this lol

[-] meekah 3 points 2 days ago

Makes more sense, I agree

[-] meekah 16 points 2 days ago

Maybe you're remembering the death of grumpy cat or something?

[-] meekah 2 points 3 days ago

Been using arch for a few weeks now, so far it hasn't been too complicated. Also, using archinstall made the installation reasonably easy

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You guys are missing out. Maybe somebody is importing them? I know we have stores for imported american sweets here.

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He's such an idiot sometimes. I love him

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Edit: sadly, Auto Tab Discard did not fix my issue. Firefox is also set to block audio (including video with audio to my understanding) by default, which I never changed so I don't think that helps with this issue either.

So I installed pop on my laptop a few months ago, and recently got another one where I installed arch. On both laptops I mostly just watched series, and often times I'd just leave the laptop with the media player still open.

Now to the issue: Randomly throughout the day, it would just start playing whatever I left open, usually after a few hours of being left alone. Now that I think about it, I think it was only crunchyroll. Does anyone experience anything similar, or might even have an idea as to how to fix this or what causes this? Is it just crunchyroll being buggy?

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I was thinking about some raw fish or something like that, he seems to really like salmon. Any suggestions or things to watch out for?

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I am designing a tshirt with a friend and we wanted to put some japanese on it. Since my japanese is extremely basic (こんにちは、ミカです) I wanted to ask whether the symbols DeepL gave us mean what we think it means. We want to have a skeleton inside a water bottle and the text should read "stay hydrated" and we got these symbols: 水分補給. Do they work in that context? Or are there any better suggestions we could use? Thanks in advance!

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I use KDE on arch and would like to achieve the following behavior:

Whatever way I launch Konsole, I want it to check whether there already is a Konsole instance. If one exists, it should be brought into focus, and if no instance exists, one should be launched.

I am unable to find such an option in the Konsole settings, even though I found a roughly 1 year old forum entry mentioning such a setting. Was it removed or am I just blind? Or do I need some optional dependency?

Alternatively, it would be fine if this could simply kick in when I use my Super+K shortcut, which I've set up. Maybe there's a way to call Konsole from the terminal like that? I tried using konsole --force-reuse but it didn't seem to do the trick, and konsole --new-tab does not bring Konsole into the foreground.

Edit: Here's a script that does this, by @[email protected]

WIN="$(kdotool search --class org.kde.konsole | head -1)"
if [[ "$WIN" != "" ]]; then 
    kdotool windowactivate "$WIN"

kdotool is available in AUR as kdotool-git

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I recently bought a Drop ENTR, and I would like to use the media keys. On the drop.com website it says that using FN + the F-keys should work, but “Fn hotkeys may work with Windows operating system only.”. Well, for me it doesn’t work. Any ideas as to why that could be, or how I could go about creating a workaround?

obligatory I use arch btw

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I have 2 relevant drives. The system drive, and a drive with my game files. The drive with the game files is mounted. However, it is not displayed under "Other devices" and I am unable to select it from /dev/

Installed it using yay from AUR (aur/heroic-games-launcher-bin 2.14.1-1).

Any ideas as to what may be causing this, or how to go about troubleshooting?

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It's the soundtrack from another trucking game but it's just so hilarious. We almost always put it on our discord music bot when we play.

submitted 1 month ago by meekah to c/snowrunner

As a side note, the high gear in the twinsteer is insane, especially with the high range gearbox.

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I think the community here is much better than reddit, so I'm trying here first.

I've been living here for a few years now but haven't yet found anyone who enjoys playing smash bros with me. I'm by no means an expert in the game but I am good enough that noone I met here so far was a real challenge. I would describe my skill level as advanced casual.

I'm also happy to meet in some kind of public space first to get rid of the serial killer vibes, but my goal definitely is a friend to play smash bros with. Shoot me a DM if you're interested :)

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I am pretty new to linux so please excuse any foolish mistakes.

I am trying to manually install gpu-screen-recorder(GSR) to get rid of an annoying password prompt that I can't seem to disable in the flatpak version. I know there must be some way to do it because this prompt didn't show up on Pop!_OS, but maybe it's just not possible on Nobara KDE/Fedora. I noticed in the install.sh of GSR, that setcap cap_sys_admin+ep is called on the executable. So if you know any way of replicating something like that for flatpaks that is simpler than installing GSR manually, feel free to let me know.

I tried checking the dependencies listed, but was unable to figure out how to really make sure they are installed and accessible for GSR.

For example: I tried checking for libglvnd by running dnf list libglvnd. Sure enough, it returns

Installed Packages
libglvnd.i686                                         1:1.6.0-2.fc38                                       @anaconda
libglvnd.x86_64                                       1:1.6.0-2.fc38                                       @anaconda

But then I tried checking for mesa, so I ran dnf list mesa. But it returned

Available Packages
mesa.src                                    23.2.1-1.fc38                                     nobara-baseos         
mesa.src                                    23.2.1-1.fc38                                     nobara-baseos-multilib

It says 'available packages', so not installed, right?

Well, glxinfo -B says I am using mesa 23.2.1, so it seems to be installed, I guess?

So, just assuming I had everything necessary, I cloned the repo and tried to just run install.sh. However, of course I get an error message: wayland-scanner: command not found.

I am a bit confused because I am running on wayland, and checked using loginctl show-session 1 -p Type.

How do I properly make sure the dependencies are available?

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I understand they are important and are what makes linux relatively secure compared to windows.

However, when I boot my PC, I don't want to spend a whole minute to type my password into different promts that keep getting hidden behind other windows that are starting up. I am using Nobara KDE now, but previously when I was using Pop!_OS, none of these prompts showed up.

Currently I have 2 prompts after logging on. One for my keychain when discord autostarts, and one for flatpak when gpu-screen-recorder launches. Interestingly, discord works just fine, with auto logon, regardless of whether the keychain prompt gets canceled or filled with the password.

Any idea on how to get rid of them? I'd prefer if really only that startup prompt was gone, and it would still ask me for the password whenever it launches any other way.

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