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My undergrad officially required Pascal, C, C++, Java, PHP, Prolog, Lisp, x86 and MIPS assembly. You couldn't work around those. There was also Tiger, VHDL, and Bash that were required, but you would probably not count as languages. (I'm certainly forgetting some stuff too.)

There was a virtual certainty you'd need some more languages, but not everybody would need the same ones.

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If you seriously wanted to communicate something, you wouldn't do a presentation.

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So, you've been listening to lemmy.lm...

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The amount of tankies and idiots with idiotic opinions is way to high on here.

On an internet site?! I'm shocked! Shocked!

I mostly sign jokes and shitposting communities, but the people there are surprisingly calm and diverse. I mean, surprisingly for an internet community; most could pass just as a very weird group in another context.

But if you go signing for politics communities on the internet, you'll get the expected result.

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São Paulo.

Now, why a crane-renting company is visiting a house eludes me.

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Got it. No cat or mv allowed.

Also, CTRL-C and CTRL-Z just reduce your productivity by allowing multitasking.

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I'd rather get one without Windows at all.

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Those C lovers just don't know when to quit.

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A rising tide lifts all boats

This one originates from the United States, popularized by Kennedy.

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I think lemmy.world beats reddit. And it's one of the worst offenders.

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I gave up on screwing VGA cables way before the turn of the century.

I've had some disconnect unintentionally. What was never a big problem. But HDMI connectors are much tighter, and I don't expect to ever see any disconnect. Ditto for DP.

Anyway, the fact that if you pull a modern cable it will unplug is a feature, not a bug.

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Way less certain, but more on the lines of the comic:


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The links like [email protected].

I have had a pretty bad time making those work. I have tried searching for them at the communities page, and removing the exclamation mark and pasting them on my instance (lemmy.world/c/[email protected]).

Some times one of those works, other times my instance finds nothing. And if I go directly to the home instance of the community, it doesn't bring my login.

What is the recommended way to use those?

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