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It’s definitely not just you.

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Virtually any company big enough to make a worthwhile phone is going to do terrible things. Think a given company is an exception? They won’t be once they get larger.

That being said, the fact that “everybody does it” doesn’t make it okay. The “blue vs green bubble” shit is nonsense that’s totally unnecessary.

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Burning jeans are very gratifying to see

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Was it imported cheese? Foreign cheese? If so, he had every reason to be irate. Real GQP patriots eat American cheese, and only American cheese! 🇺🇸 🦅

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I’m glad he took a moment to specify the difference between pessimism and doomism.

I readily admit that I’m a quiet pessimist… but I also hope I’m wrong, and I still think we should do everything possible to combat climate change.

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Whatever it would take to be able to upvote posts/comments without being redirected to an “error” page (I’m on kbin, so if you’re not and this comment doesn’t make sense to you, that’s probably why).

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That would depend entirely on people actually posting to the right community and actually following rules. 100% of the time. Won’t happen!

This will go away on its own, and will be replaced by something else just as silly (like beans did, and a dozen other things I can’t even remember, because nobody posts them anymore).

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Interesting. Thank you!

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I’ll bet there is a website that calculates this stuff…

There is. Have fun!

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Please elaborate.

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Damn, that’s sad. I have nothing but pity for anyone who considers themselves a “true” or “professional” sea lion.

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When I’m not sure, I just give them the benefit of the doubt. For example, there’s a good chance that the person replying to me speaks English well, but it’s not their first language. Also, their cultural norms might be very different from my own. It could be a simple misunderstanding, too. Overreacting would just make things worse.

When it’s obvious that the person replying is just being a pedantic nuisance, though, I merely stop responding. They may think they’ve “won”, but so what? I can go to bed knowing I don’t waste my time sealioning.

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