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Since the death of my YotaPhone 2 I'd been so unhappy with every phone purchase until I got a Blackview BV6600 pro.

The battery is enormous, both in capacity and physical size but I still only charge it every 2 or 3 days.

It has an FLIR thermal heat camera built-in. It's so much more useful than I imagined. I used it at work today to find where a mouse was hiding, I used it at home to find a hidden power cable behind a wall.

It's waterproof and shock proof and I can forgive it for not having an e-ink screen on the back.

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The article is by Amol Rajan, the presenter who asked the question on the quiz show. It turns out that he is a junglist

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The embedded X links are all blocked for me but the article is very interesting on its own

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No matter how you feel about them, when your mate shows you his new electric car you still greet him with a request for a pint of semi skimmed.

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£ is from a country that does not have states

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Yes! This is quality

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This is a rare case where the Aussies are right. It was named fairy floss by its original inventor

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Because you like poorly maintained hacky amateur install scripts

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Mine does, but then it also has a built-in thermal imaging camera, which is definitely not normal.

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I once ran a computer training course in a room with motion activated lights. Every time I set the trainees an exercise the lights went off. I told them that when it need happened I wanted them all to raise their arms and wave because "many hands make light work"

It amused me, anyway.

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The question was about whether a billionaire had done anything good.

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Radio Espantoso introduced me to a whole genre I never knew existed

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