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I think "most" people do NOT understand those ramifications. Maybe 33% of the population does, 33% think and want the president to be a dictator, and 34% don't pay attention to anything at all.

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That's not very patient gamer of you lol

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Thanks! I also noticed apparently they don't change the puzzles until local midnight as opposed to NY midnight so this is yesterday's.

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Connections Puzzle #366

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Strands #100 โ€œHold up...โ€

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I like rough and what not but this facial expression is not it

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This is a good call out. Language matters

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She is a Democrat...

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ours is not to reason why; ours is but to do and die

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Wherever people call out the October 7th death count that always makes me notice I can't find data on how many Israeli civilians have died since October 7th. It's almost like this has never actually been retaliatory.

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I missed a key word in post title

Hide downvoted (self.voyagerapp)
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Can we get an option to hide posts we've downvoted? Sometimes I'd like to see the whole front page again except for ones I've down voted. I know we can hide but that's two actions, three taps on Android instead of just one quick tap.

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Giants Chair - New Orleans From their album Red and Clear. Just an indie band that's always stuck with me through the years when I want to be aggressive.

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