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A popular text editor that's infamous for being difficult to exit/turn off for new users, for additional context

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I was ignoring his comment as it's clearly either satire or bluster. I was commenting on the original post by Zac Solomon.

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Let's examine the stupidity.

Let's assume that OP's assertion that the time and day of the photos is accurate (and who would be shocked to find out it's bullshit?). Could the people in the photo not be non-remote workers who work evening or night shifts? Restaurant workers for businesses that close between lunch and dinner? People on personal leave or vacation? People who are retired? All of the above? Not every Red-Blooded, Hard-Working American™ has a literal 9-5. Hell they could be stay at home parents taking time for themselves while the kids are in school. Don't you conservatives love families with stay at home parents?

And even if every single one of those people work remote, does that mean they're playing hooky? Could they not be on a scheduled break and using that time to enjoy the park? Could they not have flexible schedules that allow them to break up their day into productive chunks with a midday gap? Maybe they work business with overseas companies, so they live on Japanese time. Could they not also be on leave? Working odd shifts?

The point is you don't know, at all, the situation of any single person in these photographs and you have projected a meaning into it that fits an agenda you are pushing. Your assertion without evidence can be rejected and ignored as easily as it was made. Kindly fuck off back to your hole.

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I don't care if RFK Jr. is in the debate or not. But any left leaning person actually entertaining voting for that moron is as bad as a Trump voter. It amounts to the same thing anyway.

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"Sneak" is a loaded term. I think what you mean is "do their job like they're supposed to and vote like they usually would." It's not like they're holding a secret/special session under the Republicans noses. They're just at work when they're supposed to be and others aren't. The alternative to "sneaking" legislative action in this case is just not doing their jobs for the day because a bunch of people decided not to show up. 12 people don't show up, so they send the other 400+ home for the day? Is that the moral expectation?

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The prophesy is fulfilled!!!

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Over developed venom glands. Those are literally killer snake tits.

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None of that is true. Nixon was never charged, let alone convicted of any crimes. And pardons can be completely general and not even specify an explicit crime at all. President Ford's pardon of Nixon, for example, was for "all offenses against the United States which he, Richard Nixon, has committed or may have committed or taken part in during the period from January 20, 1969 through August 9, 1974" So, no. Neither charges or convictions are required, nor even a crime at all.

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Maybe, but you would expect there to be about as many people with September birthdays to be using 09 as those with October birthdays using 10, I would think. But there is a very significant gap in their frequencies.

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There's a noticeable bias to using 10,11, or 12 as either the 1st and 2nd or the 3rd and 4th digits too, especially where the other two digits are lower. Like 11XX, or XX12. Wonder if there's a conscious reason for that or just a notable unconscious human bias for some number combinations?

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