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Sounds like wishful thinking to me. How is RISC-V stacking up to competitor architectures nowadays performance-wise? Last time I checked they were seriously lagging behind. Wouldn't recent AI developments (constantly requiring more computing power) be especially something that would hinder RISC-V taking off in the next couple of years?

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"Anyway, who's up next?"
— Reuters

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Bunch of old dudes dying while using a notoriously risky mode of transportation in bad weather over tricky terrain, while the only thing pointing to Israel thus far is motive. I'd say low.

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Good luck trying to update systemd

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Solid advice, right up there with the one about yellow snow.

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Also depends on if there's 'mens briea'

[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 week ago

Hence the big if

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No the sample size is ~5000, which is pretty OK if representative of the population (big if though)

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And Rome to piss off the pastafarians (and Catholics some more too)

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Reading comprehension.

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I think this is the way to go if it doesn't frustrate further development too much. Kinda risky to pull the old app out of stores and see the blissfully unaware part of your userbase leave for a competitor.

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I think 'technically' you didn't die if your heart stops for a couple of minutes and then restarts.

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In 2008, a Dutchman played a crucial role in the United States and Israeli-led operation to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. The then 36-year-old Erik van Sabben infiltrated an Iranian nuclear complex and released the infamous Stuxnet virus, paralyzing the country’s nuclear program. The AIVD recruited the man, but Dutch politicians knew nothing about the operation, the Volkskrant reports after investigating the sabotage for two years.

Dutch source:

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