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Found the guy doing keto ∆∆∆

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I get Netflix for free from tmobile. But I use real-debrid and streamio to watch Netflix shows because the UI is better.

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Here in Taiwan, we welcome all. We don't care what you look like or who you love. We want to share our culture with you and hope you have an everlasting love for my country.

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Hey, cash out your savings and live in Taiwan. We are the first Asian country in the world to acknowledge gay marriage and have a vibrant LGBTQ+ community. Even this year's winner for RuPaul's drag race went to a Taiwanese contestant.

We would welcome you with open arms and invite you to work here.

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Let's agree to disagree

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That is still cooler than a CyberMinivan. This thing will be literally hated by all.

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I want a cyber minivan. Then I can truly be hated by everyone.

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If you're referring to Trump's butthole, then yes. It will be a given.

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That's comforting. Thank you.

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Thanks for the context.

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Nope nope nope nope

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I'm an old redditor that left the platform for Lemmy.

I have been using Sync and using

I have heard so much about activity pub and simply don't understand how to use it. Do you use a browser to visit another website that is like a Lemmy instance? Is there an Android app that connects a bunch of instances like pixelated and Lemmy instances together? Or is Sync able to do all this but there is a setting I need to do.

Can someone please help shed some light to this? Thank you.

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Thank you for clicking my post.

I'm currently running a Synology Notestation with around 8 clients and while it mostly works, sometimes images don't load correctly(or doesn't at all) and has failed on me one too many times.

I'm looking for another notes app similar to DS notes.

1- Rich Text Editor 2- Self hosted 3- Has multiple users enabled 4- Native Android app

Nice to have: 1- offline mode 2- FOSS 3- Has an active community

I host files for my entire family and they rely on notes for all their important documents. So it has to be simple to use.

I have tried benotes, but not having a Native Android app makes it hard for normies to use it. I also tried Joplin, but it's single user only.

Thank you for the suggestions.

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One of the richest cities in America needs to lock up their laundry detergent.

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