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[-] iAvicenna 1 points 2 hours ago

oh no please don't

[-] iAvicenna 3 points 2 hours ago

any service that grows enough will become a google there is no way around it. I cant imagine a situation where half the world uses an email server and governments dont fall on it

[-] iAvicenna 6 points 2 hours ago* (last edited 2 hours ago)

"Not only did I not earn any money selling my bath water"

This (half a) sentence is fucking surreal

[-] iAvicenna 2 points 4 hours ago

well I guess it was because the person who spearheaded the game project was also someone who liked and knew what games were about. Now that it has become a lucrative industry, the whole dynamics has shifted to something else.

[-] iAvicenna 1 points 4 hours ago

I mean this data will most likely be more useful for surveillance/ads than for AI. Nowadays with AI they can make it look like they are only a couple steps away from a very intelligent personal assistant and therefore make it seem more plausible that they need your data to make that leap. But in reality I feel like it is not the level of AI that could leverage personalization, at least not in the context of personal assistance. In the context of behavioural mapping it is of course a super lucrative deal for them. There are already very useful tons of AI staff that they can add which does not require personal behaviour info (at least not to this generality) and yet they don't seem to spend as much effort into those and yet they are like "we need all your info stored somewhere for this very super (and mandatory) AI search assistant". Big red flag.

[-] iAvicenna 2 points 5 hours ago

Also biting itself should be included in the list

[-] iAvicenna 3 points 5 hours ago

Imagined Hitler giving him a kiss on the cheek

[-] iAvicenna 10 points 5 hours ago* (last edited 4 hours ago)

Lets see, cryptocurrencies involve tech bros, fin bros and lots of money. I am not surprised it is on its way to become the most disgusting money making scheme in the world.

[-] iAvicenna 14 points 15 hours ago

they go wherever there is more money

[-] iAvicenna 2 points 17 hours ago

honey fetch my flame thrower will ya

[-] iAvicenna 15 points 1 day ago* (last edited 1 day ago)

I mean my expectations of Elon is so low I am like "good job for not doing the stupid thing Elon!" where I normally would be like "Duh ofcourse"

[-] iAvicenna 21 points 1 day ago

lets go through the third item a bit more in depth please

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